The Fed’s MBS QE3 Scheme Explained

Greg Mannarino discusses the Federal Reserve’s goals in it’s QE3 MBS purchase program scheme in this excellent update.
Mannarino states that Bernanke is currently Public Enemy Number 1, as he is INTENTIONALLY creating bubbles and distortions in the markets by debasing the US dollar.
Mannarino states that while QE 1&2, and Operation Twist have been largely successful in re-inflating the securities bubble post the 2008 market crash, severe down-turn in the market is imminent, and even QE3 will be unable to prevent it.

Greg states that QE∞ is all about re-capitalizing the INSOLVENT TBTF banks by guaranteeing the banksters profit on any and all risky loans as they can immediately roll them over to The Fed.  This will serve to re-inflate the housing bubble (banks can once again essentially underwrite any loan at ZERO RISK) as well conduct a STEALTH BAILOUT of out the insolvent banks.

Mannarino concludes by stating the Fed’s desperate actions will not be enough to stave off the coming systemic collapse, and that investors must IMMEDIATELY PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THE FED BY PURCHASING PHYSICAL SILVER AND BECOMING THEIR OWN CENTRAL BANK.