The Federal Reserve is The Cult of Baal- A 5,000 Year Old Babylon Debt Money System

federal reserveThey need this healthcare money paid directly to them. It won’t go to a physician, it won’t go to a hospital, it will go to these Federal Reserve bankers so that they can keep their system functioning…”
Because it’s always a house of cards, it’s always on the point of collapse and that’s why this system, which is the Babylonian debt money system which is 5,000 years old, which Jesus Christ’ ministry, He preached against this, and it’s still being inflicted on us because we simply did not pay enough attention to Jesus’ words. We didn’t honor Him enough for going into the temple and turning over the money changer’s tables, and that’s why unfortunately the Christian Ministry today is itself a part of the Federal Reserve System… The Cult of Baal. – Eustace Mullins

sic semper tyrannis


by SGT,

The words you are about to read will FLOOR you. They were spoken 30 years ago. And forgive this man for his disheveled shirt collar, he had bigger fish to fry than attending ‘Fashion Week’ events in NYC. In fact, if it weren’t for the work of Eustace Mullins we might still be living in the dark as the men behind the curtain continued with their plans to destroy us, undetected.

Eustace Mullins was an author, researcher and a Great Grandfather to the ‘Truth Movement’. He gave this speech at the Global Sciences Congress in Virginia Beach on March 31, 1994. How on earth could he have known this in such detail, some two decades ago?

“…Healthcare reform is now the lynchpin which will, they hope, keep the whole system together for a little bit longer. And these people, I will say, they have NO long term program. They’re operating really on a day-to-day basis, trying to shore up this system for a little bit, keep it functioning for a little bit longer… we are very close in this country… where we will have ethnic outbreaks, we will have racial outbreaks, we will have people against people, State against State, region against region, town against town, in other words you will return to a Feudal System. So, like it or not, the Federal Reserve System is all that we have to keep the whole system from degenerating into anarchy. Of course I believe it’s so corrupt and so evil that that is preferable because under that you can begin a resolution of the situation, you can begin to rebuild. Otherwise you will simply go on with the total corruption that we have now.

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