The Fed Prices Gold On Its Books At $42/Ounce: Here’s The Case For Revaluing Gold To $5,000

The reasons for holding gold are strong, as is the case for a revaluation to $5000 per ounce. Here are the details…

Mark Valek interviewed on SBTV

Mark Valek, partner at Incrementum AG and co-author of the In Gold We Trust Report, comes on SBTV to discuss reasons for holding gold today and the case for the Federal Reserve to revalue US gold holdings to $5,000/oz – an idea proposed by Jim Rickards. We get Mark’s thoughts on how the world will look like with $5,000 gold.

In Gold We Trust Report:

Discussed in this interview:
05:47 What is causing the falling price of gold?
08:15 Reasons for holding gold are still strong.
11:00 The case to revalue gold at $5000.
16:48 Why the Fed values its gold holdings at USD 42.222/oz.
19:24 Impact of $5000 gold for the man on the street.
22:41 Impact of $5000 gold globally.
27:15 Does Trump have the political will to bring back the Gold Standard?
29:42 When would people demand for a gold-backed currency?
31:13 Was de-linking gold from the US dollar a good idea?
33:13 Cryptocurrencies got people discussing about the nature of money