The Dollar Vigilante: “Peter Schiff is a Globalist Shill”

Yup. He went there…

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When mainstream media tries to drag bitcoin’s name through the mud, we get it. The mainstream media is owned by the same general group of people who own everything else including governments and central banks.

Of course, they are going to do everything they can to make bitcoin look as bad as possible. And they’ve done that, now declaring bitcoin dead 140 times. And that’s when they aren’t trying to associate bitcoin with things like the CIA’s drug running business or terrorist financing which Best Friends Forever (BFFs) Killary Clinton and Donald Trump do on a daily basis.

But when those not normally associated with the globalists try to say and do anything to demean bitcoin it makes you wonder whose team they are on.

We’ve highlighted the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, more often than even we would care to bother.

But, an even bigger name bitcoin hater needs to be scrutinized. Peter Schiff.

Many people who read The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) tend to think of Schiff as being one of the good guys. He’s been a gold bug forever… and TDV has also been promoting gold and silver since our inception.

Jeff Berwick concludes the article with:

Certainly, at this point, given his mainstream media access, his dealings with George Soros and his neverending attacks on bitcoin, he has to be considered a possible globalist insider.

If so, it is sad. Peter Schiff’s father was essentially a valiant anarchist who was one of the most famous tax protesters in US history.

When Irwin Schiff passed away in 2015 we wrote a glowing acknowledgement of his service, “Freedom Fighter Irwin Schiff Passes Away In US Prison.”

Meanwhile, Erwin’s son, Peter, is a statist, does not openly fight the government and the tax system, works with globalists like Soros and bashes cryptocurrencies which offer some of the best hope for destroying governments and central banks.

It really makes you wonder about Peter.

Certainly, when it comes to bitcoin he is either completely and willfully ignorant about it or he is a globalist shill attempting to do anything he can to ensure people don’t wake up to the power of bitcoin to bring the power of money and banking back to the individual.

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