The Crash Will Come Before The Regulators And Policy Makers Are Ready

Eric Dubin says we’re not getting out of the next 18 months without a crash. Here’s what it means for cryptocurrencies and the precious metals…

Eric Dubin and Jason Burack on Welcome To Dystopia Episode 40

In this episode, Eric discusses how he believes that there’s a big market psychology phase shift occurring right now and that things like the VIX spike, higher interest rates in the bond market, a weak US Dollar, the stock market correction and the potential end of a bond bull market into a painful bear market are all footprints of this large phase shift that has not taken place in years.

Jason and Eric also discuss why the US Dollar is weak despite the Fed raising rates in 2017 and the Bank of Japan and the ECB doing massive amounts of QE.

Jason and Eric also discuss velocity of money in the US economy, why worse stagflation is probably coming as President Trump implements massive supply side economic stimulus and how this phase shift is good long term for gold.

Interview with respected newsletter writer and investor Fred Hickey and why he’s been buying a lot of gold mining stocks:…

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