The Coming CRASH Is Good For Gold & Silver, Experts Say Gold Ready To Skyrocket

We know how the everything bubble will end…

by Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen of World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the rise of the gold market in recent months as recession indicators flash red and countries grow more and more wary of the US Dollar.
It has been said before and shall continue to be said that all fiat currencies eventually revert to zero. This time will be no different. The printing of currency has got to eventually be met with resistance and we are certainly seeing those tell tale signs of a complete collapse on the near horizon.
From an inverted and flattened yield curve to interest rates racing to negative all while the Federal Reserve continues to attempt to prop up the stock market and save it from the ruin centralization and fake money landed it in in the first place. We know how the everything bubble will end. We know how the housing bubbles and auto bubbles will end. We simply know how this story will end, we’ve read it before. The difference is that this course we are on is far more detrimental than any we’ve seen in history.
This is one of the many reasons people are rushing into gold and silver. They’ve been one of the worst performing assets in the past 7 years, but all of that seems to be changing as history has told us so many times before, gold and silver are great forms of wealth insurance.
Private ownership is skyrocketing while the markets continue to show upwards momentum after so long.
Sure, there is a lot of paper manipulation of the markets, but the same entities manipulating those markets are showing signs of complete collapse and bankruptcy.

In this video we break down the latest news on the markets and the monetary system and why people are looking to gold, silver and crypto to avoid the coming crash of the US dollar, the world reserve currency and with that the global domino effect.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!