The Blueprint to Ending the Fed!


Congressional candidate Dennis Linthicum joins Metals & Markets to discuss the blueprint to ending the Fed, as well as:

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With special guest Dennis Linthicum is below:

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Dennis Linthicum Following Ron Paul’s Sound Money & Abolishing The Fed Vision






The mainstream media will maintain that gold and silver bounced back on account of rising tensions in Ukraine or any other number of off-target factors.  Truth be told, the momentum sellers exploiting the cues and direct official sector selling recognize the floor established by Asian demand for physical precious metals, and the need to pull the short covering trigger at moment’s notice when prices dive to the bottom of the trading range we’ve been laboring within for months.  With increasing geopolitical tensions and continued weakening of the dollar trade and reserve settlement status, fundamentals only grow stronger for gold and silver by the week.  The bumpy ride will continue, but we trust you have your seat belt on!

Sound Money;  End The Federal Reserve

Ron Paul’s greatest legacy may very well prove to be the critical role he continues to play educating the American public about the evils of a central bank issuing credit pursuant to private banking interests.  Ron Paul’s advocacy has launched a movement, and a new crop of political leaders seek to push Congress towards a restoration of sound money and the end of the Federal Reserve.  The precious metals community understands the importance of supporting this movement, but how to translate ideas into political change isn’t always clear.  That’s partly why we’ve invited Dennis Linthicum to discuss the problem, and political solutions.

Mr. Linthicum is a Constitutional Conservative.  He faces a David vs. Goliath Republican Primary battle against Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, who arguably is among the top ten most powerful Republicans in the House of Representatives.  Mr. Linthicum has strong grass roots support.  People in Oregon’s second Congressional district respond favorably to a platform including a pledge to work toward auditing and ultimately abolishing the Federal Reserve.  With a bit more in campaign funding over the next couple of weeks and grass roots support on the ground, Mr. Linthicum may very well pull off a primary contest surprise of national consequence.

The Doc and I talked to Mr. Linthicum about the problems our monetary system is creating.  The discussion touches on both big picture and local impacts Mr. Linthicum wrestles with while he currently serves as a commissioner in Klamath County.  We hope the conversation is enlightening.  Should you care to explore his ideas further and perhaps even support his campaign, you can visit  The precious metals community should support candidates championing sound money.

Outlook On Next Week

Given the carnage of Thursday’s intraday trading and upside reversal, odds are that the downside is over for the time being.  But as we noted on last week’s show, we’re probably not going to see the chance for a sustained bull run until May.

If you’ve been following the Cliven Bundy situation in Nevada, we highly recommend Dave Kranzler’s analysis served-up at The News Doctors.  Click here to read the story.  TND will also air two interviews that relate to the situation, including an interview where I pick Mr. Linthicum’s brain given his experience dealing with public lands policy.

Have a great weekend — Eric Dubin