The Binary of Sovereign Money

Gold is refined, completely stable, equitable and morally ethical for trade and commerce. With its sovereign and other precious attributes, gold…

Submitted by David Bryan author of Two World Systems

A sovereign society needs the binary of sovereign money to ensure there is equal entrepreneurial opportunity. Any currency that is not sovereign is by design inequitable. It favors some much more than others and it destructs when the wealth transfer is complete. When choosing the ideal sovereign binary to use as money, gold is indestructible and accepted as monetary wealth everywhere in the world. 

Central bank money is anti-sovereign, it is inequitable and designed to transfer wealth from the producers of wealth to the non producers. The corruption began in 1971, when the cartel of privately owned central banks without restriction, were permitted to issue money as debt with interest. It has meant that for almost fifty years, money is created whenever a person or an entity borrows from a banking institution. Borrowed money is a liability that is owed to lending institutions. As a binary, its currency systemically binds all economic and social activity to bankers debt. With interest charged and money created from debt, it is inevitable that a great many people become impoverished. In fact since the debt peddling Federal Reserve was insidiously incorporated in 1913, the value of their dollar bill has lost over 98% of its original purchasing power. Total world debt is now estimated to be a staggering $258 trillion and cannot possibly be repaid from taxation or productivity. In the great central bank monetary swindle, our once sovereign, productive and social economy has effectively been bankrupted. As the bankrupt world ceases to operate, the unfortunate majority of people have to survive day by day with less and less, relying on empty promises of the central banks printed IOU’s. 

Even in a bankrupt world, the private issue of unlimited finance is the monetary means to empower global corporations and their oligarch owners with truly obscene levels of wealth. The binary system of private issued money, has provided the finance for corporate global governance and ensured an imbalance of power, wealth and privilege that is “of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations.” 

Note:  ON MONEY CREATION IN THE MODERN ECONOMY: “Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money”  – The Bank of England, Quarterly Report, Q1. 2014


In a sovereign world, the physical gold bullion that is stored in the national treasury is the nations sovereign wealth capital. Gold bullion stored in the treasury, is a fully accountable asset that rightfully belongs to all the people. It has existed as stable monetary wealth to provide currency, for several thousands of years. As gold is sovereign, physically indestructible and maintains its value over time. Its wealth binds people to activities and structures which ensure they have lasting prosperity “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

As a sovereign society uses the binary of wealth in its own treasury for trade and commerce, there is not the slightest need to have central banks. The financial engineered central banks system of debt boom and financial bust is a totally unnecessary intrusion into people’s lives. The insidious central bank debt monetary system is completely anti sovereign and provides the binary, where corporate global governance replaces the sovereign society. Corporations are being unjustly given trillions in crony finance to buy up the world’s prime assets including the media and the ability to control governments. It has given their billionaire oligarch owners staggering levels of wealth, power and privilege!

As can only be expected from the people’s sovereign monetary wealth. Gold is refined, completely stable, equitable and morally ethical for trade and commerce. With its sovereign and other precious attributes, gold as money holds firmly in check the pernicious activities of banks, corporations, military, politicians and the deep state to a very strict account. 

It is estimated that an ounce of gold has a similar purchasing value today, as it had some two hundred years ago or even more than two thousand years ago. To have a stable sovereign money that does not have a counter party, is debt free, indestructible and a totally inviolable stand alone wealth in the treasury. Is sufficient binary to guarantee a flourishing economy with freedom, harmony and prosperity that is “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Only indestructible, divisible gold in the treasury is the peoples sovereign wealth capital that can fully back their currency. With this natural inviolable economic binary, gold ensures a system with stable family life and wealth creation which cannot be broken. 

Speculatively developed ‘crypto engineered’ currencies and the central bank engineered variants, are not sovereign wealth that belongs to the people. Like the issue of all fiat, when their financial engineered electronic swindle is complete. In a crypto nano second they will self destruct and be cyber-gone.

The correct binary is sovereign. It is how humanity enjoys the calm assured confidence of a flourishing economic and emotionally dignified world. A world, emancipated from financial, corporate and political interference over every aspect of our lives. Freed from their abhorrent financial, genetic, social, military and biological engineering. Freed from their debt finance, taxes on productive effort, never ending wars and the schizophrenic ism ideologies which divide society. For a sovereign society to continue these demeaning and demoralizing impositions, is entirely pointless. Unlike the contradictory lies in the belief-ism ideologies of monetarism, corporatism, capitalism, globalism, communism, socialism and militarism. Only science that is based on how the natural world works. Can provide the sovereign assurance necessary for humanity to have a flourishing ecology, economy and civilization. Freedom, harmony and prosperity do not need bureaucracy. In a sovereign world “two truths cannot contradict one another.” – Galileo

Galileo proved conclusively that like the orbit of the planets, all motion is circular and circular motion can be perpetual. As we individually embrace the sovereign binary, that works in harmony with the perpetual circular motion of energy to create the perfect existence. It will initiate a truly utopian renaissance of discovery in every aspect of education, arts, music, language, societal well-being, commerce, enterprise and all the sciences. “In the future, there will be opened a gateway and a road to a large and excellent science into which minds more piercing than mine, shall penetrate to recesses still deeper.”  David’s blog BLOG  explores this extraordinary science and Two World Systems by David Bryan is available on Kindle Books.