The Beginning Of A Three Year Up Cycle For Gold, Price Top In Year 2022 Or 2023

We may expect to see choppy action for a few month, but we should rally toward the end of the year…

Tim Ord via Palisade Radio

Tim has always had a talent for numbers, which led him to study mathematics and teaching. After university, he became a stockbroker and has had a long career in trading and technical analysis. He studies long-term market cycles, and there are 8 and 16-year periods within precious metals. His analysis shows a possible top or consolidation around 2022-2023. He expects the stock markets to remain choppy for a few months and then rally toward the end of the year. Gold will likely do very well, and silver will continue to outperform over the short-term.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Tim’s early interest in mathematics.
2:00 – Cycle theory for gold markets.
3:30 – Probably reach old highs for gold.
5:30 – His approach to indicators.
7:45 – Market bottom techniques.
10:20 – Favorite authors and his own book.
11:35 – Outlook for the markets and gold.