THE Anniversary THIS Sunday

And to this day…

an SD Exclusive

So just so we’re sure, we can summon our history online search-fu, and what do we see?



Fox News started broadcasting in Houston, Charles Lismont won a marathon, and Sandra Haynie won a golf tournament!

I thought there was something else.

Oh, yeah, duh. I had to scroll down. President Nixon announces wage and price controls.  That won’t help anything if prices can’t find a natural balance. Just ask my kids trying to sell candy bars and home-made slime on the middle school playground black market.

We even have a picture of the president. Must have been big news. Inflation of currency is a serious matter after all.

But, wouldn’t you know. Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, ever mention gold was in full force. Because of course, we have, well:



Orwell is rolling in his grave with the memory hole job on that one. Let’s not forget this either:



Good thing that was only a “temporary” closing of the gold window.

The BIGGEST  events in history always happen on Sundays, and this is the one the MSM dare not speak about…


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