Thank Goodness, The Top Is Not In! Canada (Who Sold All Of Its Gold At The Bottom) Didn’t Actually Just Buy 100 Tons Of Gold

There’s a lot of confusion as to the status of Canadian gold reserves. Good thing we have the World Gold Council to clarify things…

(by Half Dollar) Remember earlier in the year when that guy from Brinks or somewhere supposedly “fat fingered” that COMEX gold deposit adjustment?

Or was it silver?

And then, the deposit suddenly totally disappeared as opposed to being tpyed correctly?

That was a good one!

Though not to be outdone, the World Gold Council has made an error of its own:


Just kidding.

They didn’t make an error, but they were “made aware” of an error, which means the error was totally not the World Gold Council’s fault, of course.

And as a friendly reminder, according to the World Gold Council, Canada sold off all of its gold reserves by early 2016.

Not that the data is currently available on the World Gold Council’s website:

They’ve first got to rework the numbers.

Regardless, it’s a good thing Canada didn’t actually buy 100 tons of gold.

For then, the top would be in.