Taking Back Our Sovereignty By Hacking At The Root Of TriEvil

“We have the tools, we have the people, and, equally as important, we have the technology…”

by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin

This “open letter” needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

Contact for this project – [email protected]

We launch today.

The idea is to have each person acquire a minimum of $50/US or equivalent of gold, silver or any cryptocurrency or any combination you prefer (details below).

Over the past several years I have tossing around an idea and it seems I was waiting for new technologies to begin blooming that can actually support my thoughts. I am now presenting this idea to the world and will be sending it to a long list of website owners to see if we can’t get some cohesion and create an actual community.

Our enemies, the banksters, that commit crimes against humanity everyday they are in operation, the corporations that own all the important businesses and land and their government enablers (TriEvil) have enjoyed a great run. The past 200+ years these three very small groups of people have amassed unfathomable wealth – generational wealth they will never, ever be able to be rid of; unless the rules change. If the rules change then the wealth these criminals have stolen could potentially go to zero. Unless these small gangs have placed a majority of their wealth in physical gold, physical silver or cryptocurrencies, it is a distinct possibility their current generational wealth could become a weeks worth of cash in their wallet.

I hope you are intrigued at this point as we have a lot of work to do. Well, not that much work, but there is some coordination and getting the word out. We need to move together, as a Team, just like our enemies move as a Team. They use TV and radio as their calling card but we have the internet running on computers and phones across the globe. We have connections around the world that can spread the message from wherever they stand and reach hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands in seconds. We can move like a cat and change our direction like a flock of birds – if we work together.

Does the banking system have your best interest at heart? Does the banking system, seemingly, have a plan to steal your wealth? Do the criminally corrupt politicians work for you and your family or do they serve the banking system and special interest? Do corporations have a plan to steal your wealth, keep you just healthy enough to produce another paycheck to pay them off? Do you have a plan to combat these forces? Can we, the collective of some of the largest websites in the world, have the guts to stand up to these criminals, plan an attack – without the use of violence – and remove from our lives the banksters, governments and corporations -TriEvil? The answer to these questions is yes. The only possible answer we could ever arrive at is we can do it.

Some of the greatest Leaders in history have won great battles without the use of violence. Some of the greatest leaders in history have beat back their opposers without a show of force. Their opposers used force in the face of unarmed citizens – the opposed moved forward in spite of this imbalance. We can do the same. We have the tools, we have the people and, equally as important, we have the technology.

If you remember John Lennon, Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bob Marley and so many others called together hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, not through violence but through anti-violence, love and Light. As John Lennon said, if you become violent they know exactly how to handle you, but if you remain non-violent they don’t know what to do. These magnificent leaders were able to rally masses of people without the internet. How many more can we reach with the internet? How many more people can we unite through the internet?

It is no longer necessary to “attack at dawn”, we simply attack from where we currently stand. We already have them surrounded we just need to coordinate our efforts and begin hacking at the root.

The current set of tools – literally, at our fingertips and this is by no means even scratches the surface – are as follows:

  • SD Bullion is a great place for adding to that physical gold and physical silver stack – by replacing our fiat currency with physical money, gold and silver, we begin hitting Tri-Evil right in the gut over and over and over. For those that know anything about boxing you know it is much more difficult, and requires more effort, to take out an opponent with “body blows” than a “headshot”. What body blows offer is a wearing down of your opponent. Their entire system becomes frazzled and that allows for the aggressor – that’s us – to take them down with good blow to the head.
  • We use the physical gold and physical silver for the purpose that it is intended – money and currency. We MUST begin circulating these forms of currency and money in order to move away from the criminally corrupt system. If we don’t do this the banksters, corporations and government enablers will never be pushed off their thrown. These criminals could care less about how many ounces of gold and silver we have stored in our vaults or tokens stored in our digital wallet. When we begin circulating gold, silver and cryptocurrencies, that’s what will get their full undivided attention.
  • We already have bullion companies that utilize business models that other small businesses can adapt to fit their needs, SD Bullion and a great many others already have programs designed to “buy back” physical gold and physical silver. The platforms already exist to convert your small business that offers the option for people to pay with gold, silver or cryptocurrencies. By redesigning any one of the current platforms used by the bullion companies to “buy back” physical gold and physical silver small companies around the world can begin accepting payments, in physical gold and silver or digital cryptocurrencies, for their goods and services. This is when we begin making headway into the belly of the beast.
  • We MUST begin moving our retirement savings out of these banking institutions with their ability to separate us from our wealth or convert our wealth into an investment instrument that may not suit our needs. This would truly begin taking real shots at the people that wish us harm. The bankers do not care about us, the corporations do not care about us and the government enablers most certainly do not care about us as they have proven time and again with their actions. Why should we care about them? Why should we continue to allow them to dictate our lives? Why should we allow them to hold the single largest source of our personal wealth – our retirement savings – when we already know they do not have our best interest at heart? We will provide you with a list of companies that can help you move your retirement savings into safe hands, primarily your own hands, but there will be other offerings that will help you over see your wealth with far less risk than the “too big to jail” banking institutions that have their hands all over your wealth.

We need a starting point. We need to come together, globally, and take our first step together. We can then reconvene on a variety of dates throughout the year, take another step together and, with any luck, gather some momentum and truly begin our quest of taking back our sovereignty. This will not happen over night, but once it is in place our ecosystem will be self perpetuating outside of the current system and we will have removed ourselves from the slave system built by TriEvil. The system we build, utilizing new technologies like blockchain and others that not have been built yet, have the potential to open the door to freedom.

The idea is to have each person acquire a minimum of $50/US or equivalent of gold, silver or any cryptocurrency or any combination you prefer. You are welcome to acquire as much as you would like, we just ask that a minimum of $50 per person. This will remove 100% those fiat notes from the system. If there are between 3-5+ million people, globally, doing this on specific dates – the dates would only be announced a few days before to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. After just a few months we should have a massive amount of funds that could then be redirected into Phase II.

Once we know that we have made an impact, the goal is less than a year, we will know we have made a difference when the mainstream media is discussing our efforts on a large scale – we can then move into Phase II and begin discussing how our “ecosystem” becomes self sustaining.


Commerce is the foundation of any community. If we are going to rise up we need to grow a strong economy using the currencies we know and that means you and your company must get on board.

The main tool used against We the People, is the fiat currency in nations around the world. These instruments of debt are the main source of power and control by TriEvil. If we move with one unified message – Hacking at the Root – we can take back our sovereignty and regain our freedom.

As you can see we have a lot to do and we need people to do it. We need you to make this happen. We need plumbers, architects, doctors, attorneys, construction workers, electricians – blue collar, white collar, no collar workers and company owners that are willing to stand together and create something equitable.  We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for something better than what we are being served today.