Taking A Cue From The Game Of Thrones: In The End They Want Their Gold

Bill Holter says that now more than ever there are only two places to put one’s money and not be at risk of losing it all. Here’s the details…

Bill Holter interviewed by Sean of SGTreport

Bill and Sean start off with a lengthy section discussing the vile corruption going on in Washington in light of all the recent revelations. They name names and locations, and show how the issue is both systemic and global.

From there, the conversation shifts to the economy.

Bill says that China is showing that it is in the position of being the on the rise as the United States is falling.

The conversation then turns to a lengthy discussion on the whole gold vs cryptocurrency debate. There is valuable information here for people on both sides of the fence.

Bill Holter returns to SGT Report to help me break down the latest in politics and the economy. And right off the bat we make one thing perfectly clear, the global pedophiles are on notice: They are being hunted.