T. Ferguson: Prepare for System Failure

TFGoldMoney’s Félix Moreno has released an interview with T. Ferguson of the tfmetalsreport.com. They discuss the end of the great Keynesian experiment, how the current economic and monetary system will fall apart and how to prepare for it.   Ferguson and Moreno discuss the Fed’s takeover of the US Treasury market, the impact of QE on interest rates and how any attempt by the Fed to stop suppressing interest rates would have huge fiscal repercussions. They discuss the gold market, its fundamentals and the recent moves in the price of gold. They comment on the similarities to the previous gold bull market in the 1960s and 1970s — including the infamous London Gold Pool and how it fell apart, leading to a huge rise in the gold price.

TF’s full interview with Félix Moreno is below:

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