Syrian Nuclear Weapons Program? Obama Administration Lies May Be Set To Best Bush Administration Lies About Iraq’s WMDs

Here we go again.  The second Bush administration successfully used propaganda and spiked intelligence to fabricate vastly exaggerated claims that Saddam Hussein possessed an active weapons of mass destruction program right up to the US invasion of Iraq.
Now, the Obama Administration and allies (Germany, in particular) appear to be setting the stage for outdoing Bush administration lies… 


It appears that a propaganda campaign to implicate Syrian operation of an underground nuclear weapons program has begun, as Silent Crow News publisher Timothy Alexander Guzman outlines in a pair of articles, beginning with “WMD Redux? Germany’s ‘Der Spiegel’ Claims Syria Is Attempting To Build Nuclear Weapons.”

Propaganda about Iraq’s WMD program echos to this very day.  Last October, the New York Times published an article discussing the fact that US military personnel had been wounded during operations to destroy hidden chemical munitions.  This wasn’t news, and the military has sought to keep a lid on these operations for years.  The NYT played a major role in supporting Bush Administration propaganda, including the disgusting fabricated reports of insufficiently disgraced (but fully outed) “reporter” (mockingbird) Judith Miller.  The fact that it took years for the NYT to report on these remnant WMDs and wounded US soldiers is just as important as the reported story.  Bush defenders were correct to spotlight the article — but for the wrong reasons.

The United Nations weapons inspection teams attempted to destroy all old stockpiles, but they documented that small caches remained throughout Iraq.  These were weapons built years and even more than a decade before the end of Iraq’s WMD program.  Iraq did not have an active WMD program when the US made its false case for war and weapons inspectors had documented that over 95% of Iraq’s stockpile was destroyed.  But it was always known small caches remained, much of which it was also understood to have only marginal utility.

Claims against Syria are suspect and need careful investigation.  It could very well be that Obama is about to best Bush on the WMD propaganda front.  The only thing surprising about that are the large percentage of liberals that remain totally clueless about the aggressive war mongering tendencies their Nobel Peace Prize winning messiah has always represented — especially given the control exercised by the Neocon cabal dominating Obama’s foreign policy.  See:  “Project For A New American Century (PNAC) Reboot: CNAS, the Democratic version of conquest imperialism.

Guzman has connected dots that need immediate attention, and it’s high time people get over the false left/right, Democrat/Republican paradigm because when it comes to spinning lies to justify wars, much of the American government is guilty, and subservient to warmongering, oligarchical interests.

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WMD Redux? Germany’s ‘Der Spiegel’ Claims Syria Is Attempting To Build Nuclear Weapons

TND Guest Contributor:  Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News |

A new report published by a German news magazine Der Spiegel has published a report claiming that the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad has a “secret underground Plant” with the specific goal “of developing nuclear weapons.”   The report suggests that unidentified “Western intelligence agencies” has evidence against the Syrian government because they “intercepted” private conversations between an Hezbollah operative and Ibrahim Othman, head of the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission:

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