Surprise! U.S. Elections are Rigged (Like Everything Else)!

The same banks who are manipulating and rigging currency markets, silver & gold prices, bond prices, and interest rates….are also rigging the political system in the US.


Submitted by The Wealth Watchman:

Is it Over Yet?

Ok folks, I’ll confess it: I’m already sick of the 2016 election cycle, and it’s barely even begun!  In fact, when I’m reminded that we’ve got another 18 months of this dog and pony show, it’s almost too much to take! We’re barely even to the summer of 2015, and already the media is trying so desperately hard to convince the peoples of America how much is riding on this next one!  It’s sad and truly comical.

We all know that Washington DC is quite the cesspool these days, and it doesn’t really matter what part of it you’re talking about.   You could literally pick any agency or political party, blindfolded!  No matter what you landed on, you’d hit the same corruption, scandals, and lack of effective reform.  If any of you have ever felt crazy for thinking:

 “Ya know, no matter how many times we hold elections, write emails, or even protest in the streets, nothing seems to change!”

Then don’t worry, that just means you’re normal!  But why is that?  How did we get here?

Well, it’s high time folks in the US faced a brutal truth: that their entire political system and process is rigged.  Let me explain:

Bought and Paid For

Yes, I said rigged, but perhaps not always in the way you may have been thinking.  Politicians in both parties, with only a few exceptions, do not work for you!  They work for the political machine which slicked and greased them into the slimy product for mass consumption that they’ve become,and more importantly, they work for those who donated the most cash to their campaigns.

Money talks, and remember that running a political campaign today is more expensive than ever.  In fact, get a load of this factoid.  According to Bloomberg, during this next election cycle:

“Spending by candidates, parties and outside groups and individuals may approach $10 billion. Both Hillary Clintonand Jeb Bush, if they receive their parties’ nominations, each could spend more than $2 billion, about twice as much as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney each forked out in 2012.

That’s alot of cash, folks!  If you don’t have the war chest to fund the professional, high-gloss campaign that your rivals do, you’re dead in the water before you even start.  So, where can politicians go to acquire that kind of cash?

Glad you asked that question, friend!

If you ever wanted to know one huge reason for why nothing seems to change, no matter who is elected, always, always check to see who is funding those candidates.

Take, for example, Hillary Clinton, who is likely already going to be the “chosen one” of the democratic, political machine in 2016.

ele 4

Let’s see what Hillary’s top list of donors looks like:

1) Citigroup Inc    $782k

2) Goldman Sachs     $711k

3) DLA Piper     $628k

4)JP Morgan Chase & Co      $620k

5) EMILY’s List     $605k

6) Morgan Stanley     $543k

Hmm, curious!  5 out of her top 6 donors, throughout her political career…have been banks! Surely this is an outlier, and not really a pattern though, right?

Let’s check and see!  In fact, let’s check one from the republican party this time.

How about Mr. “Corporations are people!” himself?

ele 5

Yup, Mitt Romney!  How does Mitt Romney’s donor list stack up from just the 2012 cycle?  

Let’s take a look!

1) Goldman Sachs     $1 million+

2) Bank of America      $1 million+

3) Morgan Stanley     $920k

4) JP Morgan Chase & Co     $835k

5) Wells Fargo       $693k

6) Credit Suisse Group     645k

What the WHAT?

All 6 top donors of Mitt Romney……were banks!?  Weird, huh?

Two times has gotta be coincidence, though, right?….Let’s try a Bush!  How does the donating list of ole “Dubs” compare?

ele 3


1) Morgan Stanley     $604k

2) Merrill Lynch     $558k

3) PricewaterhouseCoopers     $508k

4) UBS AG     $442k

5) Goldman Sachs     $396k

6) Lehman Bros     $355k

Well, smack me with a tennis racket, and call me Roger Federer!  

5 out of the top 6 donors were banks for him as well!

Now to be fair here, those banks’ donations were spread throughout many employees…but that’s just to comply with the “letter of the law”.

Answer me me this though: how good is a “campaign finance” law that still can’t keep banks from indirectly dominating campaign contributions….every single time?  It’s a totally worthless and insulting law!  Besides, the banksters know that there’s more than one way to skin a cat…

Super PACs

In fact, all the above totals we saw are chump change, compared to the real source of bribery that policitians can count on from banks and oligarchs: Super PACs! Any and all campaign finance reform or laws are totally laughable wastes of time, while things like Super PACs exist.

“I’m sorry, Watchman, super what?

Super PACs.  They are a banker’s and oligarch’s best friend!  Ever dreamed of being worth millions(or billions) or dollars, and wishing somehow, someway you could use huge chunks of that cash to buy off elections and politicians?

Well, dream no more, you aspiring Machiavelli!

Because with Super PACs, you can donate literally whatever you like, to whatever politician, so long as you don’t 1) give the cash directly to the candidate in question, or 2) advise them on how to spend it.  That’s it!  You can pay for their tour expenses, their ad campaigns, hire their speech-writers, formulate panels to craft bills for them to lobby for, or whatever you please.  The only limitation is the size of your bank account!

Take liberal, Jewish billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, who infamously(and single-handedly resurrected Newt Gingrich’s campaign in 2012!

Heck, the man donated $5 million in one fell swoop to Newt’s Super PAC, “Winning our Future”….and over $10 million dollars to him, by the end of his campaign!

$10 million dollars….in just the primaries!  

It was so much, that it gave a Newt a second wind, enabled him to win South Carolina, and allowed him to stay in the race for months longer.

This happens all the time, and is also why republicans and democrats are always fawning over the bankers ( and billionaires and mega corporations which spring from them): they are the real source of funding power for any political campaign.  Unofficially, of course.

What’s worse is that since these PACs can receive incorporated donations…they do not have to disclose their list of donors!  So the bankers and their friends get to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars via these venues, and no one is the wiser!

“Hundreds of millions, Watchman, really?  That seems pretty far-fetched.”

Oh, my Doubting Thomas, check out these Huffpo figures, from just the 2014 congressional election, and believe…

“The advertising crush is being driven in large part by big-spending independent groups, including super PACs and nonprofits, which are on pace to set a record for independent spending in a midterm election cycle. The groups are set to spend more than $600 million — double their expenses from the 2010 elections….”

$600 MILLION!  

You can bet your last red cent that for every dollar these financiers, oligarchs, and bankers donate openly, they spend many, many multiples of that via these discreet committees…


I’ve always believed that one reason why the TV show and book series, “Game of Thrones” is so popular, is that it publicly affirms a deep-seated truth that all of us always knew, but never wanted to admit:

That there is always a power behind the throne…either wanting to sit in it directly, or own it in secret.

That hard truth is nowhere more applicable than in these United States.  That’s just a fact, friend.  We are governed by financiers, bankers, and their billionaire friends(which their system helped create).

The problem with the U.S. isn’t those “greedy republicans”, or those “wicked democrats”, the problem is the entire system itself.  We must stop believing:

That ordinary folks in the U.S. will ever compete with this kind of money…

That our vote can make a difference to change all this…

Or that “we the people” have had the real power all this time…

A growing number of people, far and wide, are finally coming to these same conclusions.  That is a most healthy thing.  After all, no alcoholic can’t sober up til he realizes he has a problem, and no “politi-holics” like us can take proactive measures to improve our communities until we first abandon the entire federal, political system itself.

Contrary to popular belief: prostitution is quite legal in the United States.  Politicians, young and old, in both parties, are always busy whoring themselves out to the highest bidding banker or billionaire, and that is not going to change. Due to Super PACs and other mechanisms, those with the deepest pockets will always dominate and command each political front-runner’s allegiance first.

Which leaves you and I, dear voter….out in the cold.

These politicians don’t answer to you, they don’t work for you, and they certainly don’t care about you.  You are simply a means to an end for them.

We also shouldn’t be surprised that the same banks who are manipulating and rigging currency markets, silver & gold prices, bond prices, and interest rates….are also rigging the political system in the US.  In fact, since it’s true that the wealthiest always hold the largest sway in our world, we should’ve always known the end game for democracy itself: that it would inevitably devolve into a process of crass auctions, where the highest bidders command the system.

“Watchman, did no one see this coming?”

Actually many did see this coming years ago, and tried to warn us.  Few though, have ever understood or put it better than this man purportedly did:

The true equation is ‘democracy’ equals government by world financiers…The main mark of modern governments is that we do not know who governs, de facto any more than de jure. [Same As Golem any more than Gollum]

We see the politician and not his backer; still less the backer of the backer; or what is most important of all, the banker of the backer. Enthroned above all, in a manner without parallel in all past, is the veiled prophet of finance, swaying all men living by a sort of magic, and delivering oracles in a language not understanded [sic] of the people.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien, Candour Magazine, 13 July, 1956

If you think however, that the plague of banking bribery is the only malady which is rigging elections in the U.S., you’ve got another thing coming…