Storm of the Century Sandy in Photos: Sharks in NJ, Manhattan Underwater, Con Ed Explodes

The biggest and most destructive storm to ever hit the US East coast has left sharks swimming in New Jersey neighborhoods, Manhattan dark and underwater, the Con Edison power plant going supernova, the subway system ready for U-boats, and threatens to drop the 1% back into the 99%.

Unbelievable photos of the shocking destruction below:


Sandy flood waters inundate Ground Zero (via AP)


Hoboken PATH station (via @garywhitta)


Sharks swimming in New Jersey?


Con Edison explosion from @georgeweld

Lower Manhattan:


Subway systems are underwater (From @HeyVeronica)

Manhattan goes dark (AAP)

Parking in an underground garage during a hurricane is not advisable (Getty)


The Vampire Squid (Goldman Sachs) blockading 200 W. Street with sand gold tungsten filled bags Monday (Gary Silverman)

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