Steve St. Angelo Reveals the Start of “CRAZY MOVES in Gold & Silver”


On SD Metals & Markets, Steve St Angelo discusses how China is killing the US dollar, and with it, the demand for US Treasuries. The Dow is 6,000 points off the 2016 lows, and now inflation is rearing it’s ugly head. With all the uncertainties gripping the US economy, one event will quickly turn into crazy moves in gold and silver prices…

China plans to trade oil with a gold-backed Yuan. This is a major death nail for the petrodollar.

St. Angelo says countries will no longer need their US Treasuries. Massive bond dumping will take place, resulting in high inflation.

What does this all mean for precious metals? He says gold and silver should continue rising higher in price.

St. Angelo also reveals the recent spike in American Silver Eagle sales shows a major shift in the silver market.