SRSRocco: “What Happened to Ammo Will Happen to Gold & Silver!!”

Expert PM analyst Steve St. Angelo (SRSRocco) joins the show this week discussing: 

  • How long can the bankers manipulate the price of gold & silver? Can it continue another decade or two?
    Steve explains why the price of silver is poised to rise EXPONENTIALLY
  • Steve explains why When the Light Bulb goes on (for global investors), you’re going to see see a MAD RUSH into precious metals, and crazy prices! 
  • With the oil price cut in half over the past 6 months, is Peak Oil a Myth of the past, or is it closer than ever- and what are the implications for gold & silver?
  • Steve believes the numbers indicate that Silver investors are becoming complacent in 2015- the time to buy insurance is BEFORE your house burns down and its TOO LATE!
  • We’re going to see convulsions in the market- by 2020 the world will be a totally different place, and it will be difficult to obtain physical precious metals!
  • “What happened to Ammo will happen to Gold & Silver!”

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Thursday marked COMEX options expiration day for both April silver and gold contracts.  Gold rose for six straight trading days byWednesday, but was by no means over-bought.  However, silver started to trade in a more horizontal pattern by mid week and the mining shares started to roll over earlier – on Tuesday.  How many times have we seen the cartel attack silver and mining shares as a way to attempt to put the brakes on gold?  I submit that this week offers a textbook example.

Click here to see charts and analysis I posted to the Silver Doctors official Facebook page.  No need for a Facebook account to see that page, but do click on the “cartoon bubble” if the follow-up comment posts are not visible.  Notice how aggressive high frequency trading kept silver from crossing $17 Wednesday afternoon, channeling downward still further in the access market?   Bullion banks sought to keep silver under $17 and gold under $1200 going into options expiration.  They would have had no trouble achieving that were it not for Saudi Arabia launching air strikes on Yemen.  But the cartel was still able to keep a lid on precious metals during much of the access market and it was only when Asian physical demand ramped up early Thursday morning that we saw gold and silver finally leap over $1200 and $17, respectively.

The Saudi attack commenced during early Wednesday evening, eastern standard time.  Notice that in the immediate hours that followed, gold and silver went down, while oil leaped up nearly 6% rather quickly.  The “news cycle” for North American and European financial media on Thursday made it convenient to speak of the gains that gold and silver finally made during the Thursday London session, completely ignoring the blatantly obvious, unusual geopolitical risk premium divergence between precious metals and oil Wednesday evening.  If nothing else, we can say the cartel and the financial media are consistently farcical.

The dollar is probably going to see some so-called “safe haven” inflows next week.  Some of the short-term overbought momentum has been sucked out of the greenback thanks to the last FOMC dog and pony show jawboning down interest rate hike expectations.  But we’ve recently seen precious metals in US dollar terms rise right along side a rising dollar and I think that pattern will manifest during most of the next 30 trading days.  Dollar strength will be short-lived, however.  The dollar should come under renewed pressure once it becomes clear to more among the “conventional thinking” financial world that the US economy is undergoing a significant slowdown.   Even massaged US government data clearly shows we’re in an economic funk.

gdx - march 27

gold - march 27

dollar - march 27

silver march 27

Peak Oil?  You Kidding?  NO!

Steve St. Angelo updated us on the oil industry, and given the crash in oil prices we thought it would be particularly appropriate to revisit peak oil.   Steve published an article on the subject earlier this week, and here’s a rich extract:

“…there still seems to be a significant percentage of mortals out there who believe “Peak Oil” is complete nonsense as the Abiotic Oil Theory proves that oil fields continue to refill from the black gold that is produced deep inside the creamy nougat center of the earth.

One individual who continues to regurgitate this Abiotic Oil Theory is Jerome Corsi, the author of Black Gold Stranglehold.  Corsi, who is a frequent guest on the late night talk show Coast-to-Coast AM, believes high oil prices over the past decade were due to the manipulation by the greedy corrupt major oil companies.

Well, Mr. Corsi might know how to write a great book to get the conspiracy folks all worked up, but applying simple 4th grade math totally destroys his faulty theories.

The Falling EROI (Energy Returned On Invested) from 100/1 in the 1930’s to Shale Oil at 5/1 today, proves that oil fields ARE NOT filling back up.  For clarification, the EROI of 100/1 means the U.S. oil industry was burning the energy equivalent of one barrel of oil in the 1930’s to produce 100 barrels for the market.

If the U.S. oil fields were refilling, then why are the poor slobs wasting time losing money drilling in the Bakken??  The oil industry in the U.S. was finding new oil fields during the early 1900’s with EROI in the 100’s and 1,000’s.  Again, why on earth would the majority of these greedy corrupt oil companies continue to suffer from negative Free Cash Flow operating in the Bakken, if all they had to do was extract much more profitable oil that was refilling in old fields?

You see, the logic and common sense here is very simple and easy to understand.  I am completely surprised at how seemingly intelligent individuals can fall for some of the most INSANE THEORIES.

We discuss a number of dynamics important to understanding peak oil on this week’s show, and you can also click here to read Steve’s latest article in full.

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