SRSrocco Shreds The “Ancient Alien Technology Can Give Us Free Unlimited Energy” Claim

Steve St Angelo uses simple logic to explain why all these free, unlimited energy claims are nothing more than pipe dreams…

Steve St. Angelo interviewed on Perpetual Assets

In this interview, there is robust discussion on the relationship between energy and the economy, with specific focus in on gold, silver, and cryptocurrency.

Steve explains how the cryptocurrency fans are proposing all sorts of technological innovations when the whole infrastructure of the United States is breaking down, including a power grid that is barely making a passing grade in the latest analysis.

Then the conversation really gets going once Steve and Will go down the rabbit hole to discuss the whole possibility that technology, even alien technology, which has been hidden from the general public, can come to the surface and provide free, unlimited energy to outpace the falling EROI .

Finally, Steve rounds out the discussion with the project Steve has been working on which is called the Commodity Ad Network.

All that and more in this must hear interview: