Sprott’s Market Wrap With Andrew Maguire: The Importance of $1308 Gold

china goldAndrew Maguire joins us from London for a MUST LISTEN SHOW, discussing the importance of the $1308 level in gold, and how the SGE is changing the global gold market landscape:

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From Craig Hemke:

With Eric unavailable this week, I was able to line up a special guest appearance from our pal, Andrew Maguire. The resulting audio is an absolute must listen!

Just a few of the topics addressed by Andy in this podcast:

  • The resilience of paper prices, supported by the steady rise of wholesale prices in London
  • The importance of the $1308 level in gold
  • How physical-only exchanges like the SGE and ABX are changing the global gold market landscape
  • The impact the new Shanghai Fixes are having on the spot market
  • And much, much more.

Again, please take the time to listen and re-listen to this audio. The global gold market is far more vast than the Comex-centric wave-counters would have you believe. To understand it, you need wisdom and experience and we should all be grateful to Andy for sharing some of his with us today.

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