Sprott Confirms He Sold PSLV in May to Capitalize on 20% Fund Premium to Silver

When word spread in early May that Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management had sold a large portion of personal holdings in PSLV, rumors spread like wildfire throughout the silver community that Sprott was getting out of silver.
While Sprott quickly denied those rumors, he clarified his reason for dumping PSLV in a recent interview:
Sprott states he sold PSLV to capitalize on its then 20% premium to silver, and turn that premium into more ounces of physical silver. 
Sounds like a smart move to us- providing he was able to source delivery of that silver.  Assuming he’s sourcing said silver from the COMEX, he won’t be able to duplicate this trick too many more times before he single-handedly bleeds COMEX registered silver dry.

If I can buy the silver back at a 20 percent discount from the value, then I can buy back 20 percent more ounces of silver in the physical market. One hundred percent of the proceeds of those transactions went either in the physical silver or into silver equities.

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