Spanish Mattress Firm to Sell Model With Built-In Safe!

mattress safeWhile we are awaiting confirmation as to whether they intend to bring the product to market or have just launched a clever marketing scheme based on the European banking crisis in the aftermath of the Cyprus bail-in, Spanish mattress company Mi Colchón has released a Hollywood like theatrical advertisement promoting the “safest vault in the world”:  the world’s first mattress safe.

CRISIS: Spanish banks collapse
Spaniards fear for their money, and no longer sleep well.
DES’S experts on sleep and rest presents the solution….
Sleep tight and with your money safe and away from banks.

The must see 120 second clip is below:


h/t zh

With advertisements such as the one above gracing the boob tube, we wish the ECB well in their endeavors to keep Spanish (& Greek, Italian, and Portuguese) banks well capitalized and solvent.