There’s Still No Official Whitehouse.Gov Recognition Of Trump Nominating “Gold Standard Advocate” (And ZIRP Proponent) Judy Shelton To The Fed

So far, all we have is a “trial balloon”, and the post-nomination drama of an @realdonaldtrump Tweet calling for hyperinflation…




There’s still no update from on President Trump’s supposed nomination of Judy Shelton to the Fed. It is Friday, July 5th, 8:23 a.m. EST, and at this point, all we can assume is that Judy Shelton has not been nominated, and that this is simply a trial balloon, an “art of the deal” barganing chip in a “4-D Chess” kind-of way, a distraction of some sort, something else, or a combination of all those things.

Oddly enough, another little trial balloon seems to be filling the airwaves with speculation, and it has to do with the President’s July 3rd call for hyperinflation, just hours after supposedly nominating a “gold standard advocate” to the Fed:

Notice something interesting about that tweet?

See if you can spot it here too:

Did you see that?

There’s that phrase again, “pumping money”, and notice it is word for word, spelling for spelling, space for space, lower-case letter by lower-case letter, and all that good stuff.

For more information on what both the Judy Shelton “nomination” and the call for hyperinflation could mean, tune-in to our show from Wednesday when we discussed these issues profoundly and at length, in addition to discussing a whole lot more:

Additionally, notice how we tie in the ECB, the IMF and the BIS into the analysis.


<< END UPDATE 1 >>


Zero Hedge came out all giddy about the “nomination” last night:

Oh, how wonderful.

However, there’s a problem with that.

You see, the “intent” was announced via Twitter:

Oh, how timely.

After the markets’ closing bell.

Did he just think of nominating her all of the sudden, or was gold’s afternoon break-out yesterday just a little too much for the cartel, which whether people want to believe or not includes the President, to announce since everybody is claiming gold “surged” on the news?

I do think announcing his intent during market hours yesterday would have in fact been way too much for the cartel.

Bill Murphy thinks the cartel has lost control of the gold market:

We’ll discuss Judy, the gold cartel, and a whole lot more during our live-stream today at 12:00 p.m. EST, so tune-in because there are going to be some pretty important topics, more so than just Judy and the cartel.

Granted, since when did Twitter become the official communique of Presidential Actions?

Did President Trump sign an executive order giving anything he says through Twitter via “@realdonaldtrump”, not even his official POTUS Twitter by the way, as being lawful public orders and executive actions?

Because, well, look over there on the official webpage, and there is zero mention of this supposed “nomination”.

And it’s not like he doesn’t announce his nominations via

He does.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, see for yourself:

Therefore, has President Trump really nominated Judy Shelton?

Not as far as I can see.

Interestingly enough, I’m sure the “alternative” media will be all over this as “4-D chess” in that they will say he’s nominating Judy Shelton as a threat to the Fed or something like that.

The logic will go like this: “He’s announcing his nomination to get the Fed to take action on rate cuts  instead of just talking about them because if Powell won’t go along with Trump and his public criticisms and outcries directed at Powell, then Trump will make life living hell for all the doves at the Fed”.

Additionally interestingly, I’m sure the “alternative” media will be all over this as “2-D chess” as well, with the simple logic of “Trump’s nominating Shelton to go in and reform the Fed”.

Here’s the thing: The Fed is not something that can be fixed, much less something that can be reformed.

There is only one thing that can be done with pure evil and the systemic corruption it hath wrought.

And it ain’t nominate a gold standard gal to the Board of Governors!

So what then is the nomination all about?

Well, I think it’s throwing the gold standard guys a bone.

That eternal hope that President Trump will somehow set gold and silver free.

Only, there’s a problem with that.

You see, President Trump Tweets about the economy and the markets all the time.

Here’s from this morning:

Here’s from yesterday:

Here’s what he said about the stock market:

And just so you don’t forget where the credit MUST be given, well then:

Not to turn this into a rant.

There is a point here.

And i’ll ask it as a question: What has President Trump Tweeted about gold?

Oh yeah, nothing.


Finally, Alan Greenspan was a gold standard guy too.

Now, I’m not sure if Judy Shelton is a Deep State Globalist or not, but I will say this – how do we know (we can’t know) that even if Judy was appointed (she won’t be) that she will move to bring the United States back onto the Constitutionally required bi-metallic gold & silver standard (which won’t happen until there is a major crisis first)?

Here’s the bottom line: Gold is moving higher because the fundamentals are finally becoming noticed by more sheeple everyday.

Just wait until they notice silver.

Oh my.

The gold-to-silver ratio is still above 90:

If charts matter, that is one massive, bearish engulfing candle, which, assuming the ratio starts dropping because of rising gold & silver prices, then that bearish engulfing candle means the price of silver is about to start out-performing the price of gold on a percentage basis.

Which is another way of saying the price of silver is really going to start moving up and fast.

It is.

To the cartel’s dismay, it looks like we’re getting a higher-low on silver’s daily chart:

Yesterday’s “weakness” was an absolute gift, and any weakness in price from here on out should be seen as such.

Check out that massive bullish engulfing candle on gold’s daily chart:

It looks like gold wants to run in spite of what the cartel has planned for the yellow metal this week.

In spite of the over-bullishness of the “speculators” and the bearish over-shorting by the “bullion banks”.

And in spite of everybody who is so sure gold’s headed to $1250.

I don’t think so.

I think the market has changed.

Technically speaking, and in regards to the “manipulation doesn’t exist” crew.

And that market has changed into a bull market, which is a very different animal than a bear market.

Palladium looks like it wants to take a stab at record highs:

I have been looking for pressure this week, but it does seem like the cartel is losing control, so I think we get there with palladium sooner than later.

Platinum has a death cross to deal with on its daily chart:

But that also looks like a bull pennant.

Crude oil got clubbed like a baby seal yesterday:

It’s still just a little to early to really bring-on that pain at the pump to American consumers.

I think copper is a bear trap in the making:

Especially considering the fundamentals are so copper bullish right now.

I have been wrong about “fear” in the “market”:

What the heck was I thinking that it would be hard to walk the VIX much lower than 15?

You see, the VIX is one of the easiest things for the cartel to manipulate, so they can put the index wherever they’d like it.

That said, it seemed just a little too much of a stretch to put-up a 13 or even a 12-handle in the VIX with so much turmoil and uncertainty in the United States, and quite frankly, globally.

But the stock market really needs to get to record highs:

Perhaps Friday after the BLS Jobs Report and the wonderfully “Patriotic” celebration in Washington, DC?

Side Note: Those who scream “patiotism” the loudest are the least patriotic of all.

I’m sure the screams will be deafening tomorrow, too.

I have been looking for yield on the 10-Year Note to lose 2.0%:

I think we’re heading lower too, beginning with a close below 2.0% on the week.

The US dollar index looks very bearish right now:

The pain hasn’t even begun, and not many will survive this bear attack.

Bottom line as we find ourselves on this beautiful day in July?

It seems the cartel has lost control of the gold market.

Which means they will be in sheer desperation.

Over silver, it will be absolute total panic.

Judy Shelton will not get appointed.

More on that in our live-stream.

Enjoy “freedom” tomorrow.

Enjoy that “liberty” too.

If you ain’t got either.

Or only have one?

How can you?





Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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