Skyrocketing Physical Gold Demand And A Messy Currency Reset Looming

What will the global currency reset look like, and would it include bank holidays along with fixing the price of gold at a specific price?

Mark O’Byrne interviewed on Palisade Radio

Mark discusses what a currency reset would look like today and why it will be a messy process. It would likely be a global event involving most fiat currencies and would occur along with bank holidays. It could include fixing the price of gold at a specific price.

Tom welcomes Mark O’Byrne back to the show. Mark is Research Director and founder of GoldCore, a global Bullion dealer based in Ireland.

Banks have been prosecuted and found guilty of futures manipulation, particularly in the gold and silver markets. This artificial price volatility can and has discouraged investors from entering the market.

Physical demand is now much higher globally, with premiums skyrocketing across the entire supply chain.

Time Stamp References:
1:10 – What a currency reset might look like.
6:55 – Future markets manipulation and atttacks
11:00 – Potential for a short squeeze.
13:20 – Seasonal sweet spot in gold markets.
15:45 – Price calls for gold and silver.
17:40 – Demand for physical
21:30 – Platinum metals.