Simply Buying Gold Does Not Make An Investor A Contrarian

Many gold investors think they are contrarians, but it is not contrarian to be buying gold right now. Here’s why…

by Palisade Radio with Brent Johnson

Brent discusses his background and how his fathers love of metal detecting developed in him an interest in the commodities space. His work with Credit Suisse taught him a lot about how Wall Street functions. He cautions investors that there is almost too much information available on the internet and that often leads to narrow viewpoints and echo chambers. He feels that people should own gold as insurance but not have all their money in one particular asset class. Think for yourself and look at all sides to any argument and find your own pathway for investing.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Brent discusses his early career.
1:50 – Wall Street training and Credit Suisse
5:10 – Thoughts on gold today.
6:50 – Gold to $5000 an ounce… eventually.
8:00 – Contrarian outlook even with gold.
11:00 – Favorite authors including Jim Rogers.
16:00 – Be careful of echo chambers.