Silver to Crash to $15, Then Physical to Rocket Past $1,000 + as Fiat Collapses

Submitted by SD Contributor Marshall Swing

It’s about time for me to write my piece on $15 silver and $500 gold, I think.

It seems quite some people get into the market not having the strength to withstand the volatility even though what drew them in was the logic behind the PM story and its validity in time of hyperinflation as a store of wealth.

When silver is $500-$1000 those who sold at $26 will be sorry because they will have nothing in the end after the crash…

It does not matter what happens with the world’s economy, like some are talking, (such as Faber), about commodities crashing with the slowdown in the global economy.  When the wealth of the world rushes into gold and silver when there is nothing left it will not matter that PM wealth might have devalued 50-75% in the crash.

Fake wealth will stay down while real PM wealth will soar.


If silver is $15 at the bottom and $1000 at the top then that is 6,700% just based on today’s math.


But if there is the great deflation that I theorize, then what was $1000 goes to nothing so what becomes $1000 is actually many, many multiples of that $1000 as compared to those who have nothing.


That is multiplying 1000 times not just 67 times in respect to those who have nothing and the coming revaluation of the world wealth in terms of an asset backed trade system of currency (SDR).


So $15 silver ounce at the bottom is really $15,000 in terms of relative wealth, if my logic is correct.


Catch my drift?