Silver SMASHED to $32, Gold Below $1700 Ahead of Friday’s BLS Report

Gold and silver have been smashed early in Friday’s Asian trading ahead of the US BLS Report, with silver down $1 to $32, and gold smashed $25 through $1700 to $1690.
The cartel will do everything in it’s power to prevent a weekly close in gold above $1700 and silver above $32.50.
After 10 unsuccessful attempts to smash gold below $1700 Thursday, the cartel has finally dumped enough paper on the market to see gold penetrate the level to the downside.

We suspect however that much to Blythe’s dismay, gold’s stay in the $1600’s will be brief.

Both metals are due for a pause and minor correction after nearly 2 weeks of gains, but we expect the dip to be met with substantial physical acquisition and accumulation.



Gold finally smashed through $1700: