Silver Smashed Nearly $1 As Cartel Encourages May 1st Buying

The bullion banks must not have gotten the memo that silver investors the world over had planned a co-ordinated silver buying strike for May 1st, as gold and silver have been slammed on the COMEX open, with silver down $1 to $23.37, and gold down $23 to $1454!
It appears that the bullion banks have decided to front run today’s FOMC statement and coinciding PM smash.


Silver sent down the waterfall on the COMEX open, smashed under support at both $24 and $23.50 to $23.37.



Gold smashed back towards $1450:



Stackers are apparently thanking Blythe for the discount on the May 1st Buy Silver Day, as we are seeing absolutely unprecedented sales this morning at SDBullion…and its barely 9am!