Silver Shortage Spreads to Canadian Maples, Canadian Mint Begins Rationing Maples!

Silver MapleOver the weekend we gave SD readers a unique inside look at the developing shortage in silver from a wholesale perspective.
On Monday, we updated readers that the shortage appeared to be spreading to Canadian Maples, as wholesale premiums had been raised several times throughout the day.
The shortage of Canadian Maples has now been confirmed, as our primary suppliers at SDBullion have confirmed with us this morning that the Canadian Mint has begun allocating the supply/ purchases of 2013 Canadian Maples

As we now have a confirmed shortage in the 2 most popular official silver coins, look for premiums to continue rising in the silver maples, as well as to spill over into other retail products such as 1 oz rounds, 10 oz bars, and 90% coins. 

With silver demand skyrocketing while the metal continues its now 21 month consolidation, look for absolutely monstrous demand to surface as the next leg of the bull market kicks into gear over the next 6-12 months, particularly as silver clears $40 and again nears its all time nominal highs of $50.

It is very possible that extremely tight silver supply and ever increasing physical to paper premiums will continue to escalate throughout the duration of the coming bull leg.


SD Bullion