Silver Regains $34 After Overnight Smash

Silver has just regained the $34 level, and gold is working it’s way back above $1765 after the overnight raid on the Asian market which saw silver smashed to $33.50.

Silver is breaking out from a mini inverse head-and-shoulders that formed this morning on the daily chart, and has now regained $34, after being capped at the level all night.  If $34 can hold here, buyers should emerge sending silver back towards $35.


Gold is trying to claw it’s way back above $1765 after it’s own overnight drubbing, as the cartel appears to have bought themselves another day or two of sub-$1800 gold.

We suggest you take this opportunity to STACK THE SMACK!! in physical, non-10 oz PAMP bar form, as we don’t expect sub $1800 gold and sub $35 silver to remain for long.