Silver Myths Smashed, Pt. 2: The Surprising Lie that some Gold Lovers Repeat

Silver investment demand has rocketed from less than 10% of industrial silver demand’s size, to nearly 50% of its size in just 6 short years.   
This is historic.  And it spells biiiiiiiig problems for the “biiiiiiig players”.

Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

silver smash

Truth Gives You Such a High!

Well, that was fun!  In fact, smashing silver myths is so much fun, I think I’ll do it again!

Why stop in 3rd gear on the open road, right?

What’s next?  Hmm, let…me…think…

SD Bullion


How about this one…

But before we get to that, I’d like to take a moment to thank the special someones in many of our lives.  For all you silver warriors out there, maybe you know who I’m about to talk about.  After all, most of us have someone in our lives who matches the following profile.

Someone we can really count on, ya know?  Steady as the sun rising in the morning, or the moon waxing in the evening,these caring folks message us each day, just to see how we’re doing. Ever faithful, they constantly make sure to remind us that they’ll always be there, through the good times and the bad, and never let us down!  In fact, they help remind us why we do what it is we’re doing, and just put our lives into proper, 20/20 focus don’t they?

If you personally know someone who matches that description, then brother, let me offer you my sincere condolences!

No, I’m not referring to your spouse or significant other(though they’re important).

I’m talking about your…

Overly-attached Silver Troll!

Silver troll


Those curious creatures, who seem to have no job, no life, and no friends, all latch onto you, like adorable, lock-jawed, ravenous pit-bull puppies!

Look, I used to get flustered at these people, but then I realized, that I had it all wrong!  These were sad, lonely souls, just starved for purpose, love, and attention.  I mean, if some goofball wants to make themselves my “nemesis”, who am I to deny them that personal mission?

Besides, brother, these days ‘be kinda serious’, ya know?  If someone wants to accompany us and provide some comic relief along the way, why not embrace it?  Completely?Laughter is an extremely important ingredient in the recipe for good health!

Just let them be the canine forever chasing the car wheels.  It’s all good fun.  Where would we all be without the those fluffy souls in our lives?  Where would the “Yin” be, without the “Yang”?

Why not just sit back, pour yourself a cold one and just relish watching them expend all that energy and time, with nothing to show for it?  That’s exactly what I intend to do. Life is too short to waste even one heartbeat trying to ‘win over’ someone playing that ‘hard to get’, someone who isn’t there to be won.

Just enjoy their humor, and deny them engagement.

So, for all those ‘secret admirers’ we have out there, who were up at 3 a.m., posting responses to all our silver comments on every message board, every youtube vid, every website, everywhere!…I hereby dedicate this silver myth smack-down to you!

Another Old Silver Lie “Stand-By”

There are so many silver lies out there, that frankly it’s hard to remember them all.  Seriously.  As we obliterate all the most sacred, silver-myth doctrines that trolls worship, we’d sure be missing out if we didn’t take a particularly big wrecking ball to the one in this article.

You’ve heard it many times, I’ll warrant, but it bears repeating, and so without further ado, I give you a short exchange to spell out this common lie that, unfortunately, many gold bulls(who should know better) feel like propagating themselves:

“But Watchman, why are you putting all that cash into silver, I mean, after all….”

Waaaaait for it………

“It’s just an industrial metal!”

Ohhh!  Swing and a miss, Johnny!

Yes, this old stand by is supposedly the great trump card which many pull out of their sleeve, when all else fails!  If you hadn’t heard it yet, you will.  So, let’s take some well-spent time to chop the legs out from under this Ozymandias, once and for all.  Shall we?

What They’re Really Saying

This standard meme which is whipped out, is as thoughtless as it is common.  Just as the previously-smashed silver lie, there are nuances to this unfortunate clich’e.

In truth, most of the folks who say this are merely repeating what they heard someone else say.  If you were to ask many of these people:

“Oh!  Silver’s an industrial metal?  What ramifications does that have for me as someone who uses it to store my economic energy, my savings?”

Most of them, at that point, wouldn’t even be able to explain which direction they were actually driving in.

For those who can though, what they usually really mean when they utter that phrase, is: Silver isn’t precious enough to be money, because too much of it is used for things besides savings.  That because it doesn’t simply have one major purpose(of storing economic energy and wealth, like gold), it isn’t precious enough to function as a stable store of wealth.

At that point, many of them that I’ve spoken to personally, simply stop talking, as if this factoid landed a great upper-cut, leaving poor, lightweight silver’s grand picture in broken pieces on the ground.  They always expect me to somehow amusingly concede something, but my response is always:

LOL, no really, go on!  I’ll stop you when I finally hear something that actually makes sense!

I’ll give you a rundown of how these conversations invariably go:

Soooo, Mr. silver skeptic, what you’re saying is that silver’s lack of monolithic demand, is what will fail to give it a monolithic price stability, thus rendering it undesirable for wealth storage purposes?

Well, yes, Watchman, in so many words.  Silver’s not held tightly by enough “giiiiiant players” to ensure that the market won’t puke up sufficient quantities of it, and overwhelm the buyers and holders of it.  This creates huge price swings in silver, and leaves it undesirable for storing wealth.

Ohhhh, huge price swings!  You mean like gold’s move from $35 alllllll the way up to $800, and then aaaaaaall the way back down to $250…and then aaaaaaall the way back up to $1,925….and then waaaay back down to $1,180?  Three times???  That kind of price swing?

Well, erm, no, that’s different.

Why is it different?

SD Bullion

Because, Watchman, during those gold sell-offs, there was amplified gold-buying by the “giiiiiant players”, not “gold-puking”.

Ohhhh, amplified buying, right! You mean like how silver’s investment demand nearly quadrupled in one calendar year(from 2007 to 2008), after price was sucker-punched from $21 to $8.50?  That kind of amplified buying?  

Well, erm, no, that was a “one-off” event, past is not necessarily prologue, ok?  Just because it happened in 2008(and remained elevated thereafter), doesn’t mean that it will also occur next time.

Ohhhh, a “one-off”!  You mean like how afterward in 2013, when silver was light-sabered from $28 to $18, investment demand repeated history and took a G-6 flight up from 140 million ounces, to nearly 250 million ounces?  That kind of “one-off”?

*Sigh*  Nevermind, Watchman, you just don’t get it.  The“biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig players” simply don’t want silver, ok?  They want gold.  They only use gold, so that’s what will prove the dominant metal.  Gold.

Ohhhh, the Biiiiiig Players, right!   Of course, you mean mostly central and bullion banks, right?

Well, not entirely, but yes, they make up a very sizable portion of it.

And since they, of course, ‘control everything about everything’, there’s no point in doing anything differently than they would do, right?  

Exactly, Watchman, “when in Rome”…!!

Ahhh yes, those Romans, another Biiiiig Player, no doubt.  Thanks, Mr. silver skeptic, but I’ve heard quite enough.  Oh, and by the way, the Roman Empire is now an ashheap…


To think that banks’ hatred of something as money, in any way, makes it undesirable for that very function, is an exercise in embracing the preposterous.

To think that the over 10,000 industrial uses for silver, plus the surging investment demand, will make silver less precious than gold, as a store of value(or in any other way), is a one-way ticket to Opposite’land!

To think that innumerable parties fighting for an irreplaceable slice of a rapidly-shrinking pie means that said pie should be avoided, altogether, is irrational.

Most importantly of all: To think that an item with a multi-millennial pedigree of monetary history, whose market is roughly dozens of times smaller than gold’s EVEN NEEDS “giiiiiiant players” to move, elevate, or sustain it, is the crowning folly.

As the good Steve St. Angelo has shown us, silver investment demand, has rocketed from less than 10% of industrial silver demand’s size, to nearly 50% of its size in just 6 short years.   Don’t believe me?  Take a gander at this remarkable chart:


This is historic.  And it spells biiiiiiiig problems for the “biiiiiiig players”.


Those who tell you that silver’s just an industrial metal, utterly fail to recognize that a thing which has countlessly more uses, will also have a greater, more complex catalogue of demand.  Greater uses make an already precious thing even more precious, not less.  

They are speaking to its recently-imposed-and-tacked-on industrial functionality, which is made entirely possible by the crime of precious metal price suppression (a crime which they usually deny exists).  

They are speaking to a blip of several generations, out of the entire course of human history. They amusingly point to the “outlier” of human experience, and say, “Gotcha!”, while conveniently pretending that the millennia-old “mean” of monetary usage does not exist.

Sadly, some of them even resort to defending the atrocious records of the central and bullion bank masters themselves: the Dimons, the Blankfeins, the Lagardes, the Yellens.

Silver was organically chosen by the mass of market participants throughout history, while paper scrip (and even the “Classical Gold Standard”) was inorganically imposed by those who deprived mankind of the precious silver it always preferred.

The globalists have waged a war on silver for several centuries, but are now virtually out of this indispensable resource.   Like pungent, little crabs, scuttling around on the beach, holding their tremendous, tee-niny claws aloft, and telling the mighty on-coming tide:

“You shall not pass!”

So too are they, who still attempt to keep silver out of the mind’s eye of mankind, within the marches of time.

They are hilarious!

The shocking and rapid change in the nature of silver demand worldwide(from industrial, to monetary) is proof that they’re all wet.  They are failing miserably, and will continue to fail miserably, until the bubbling, epic crescendo of that failure reaches an irresistible watershed moment which cannot be reversed.

Silver was stolen from us, in order to ensure that the common man had virtually no way to extinguish the debts that bankers wished to pile upon our shoulders.  To insist that those same thieves can or should now be trusted to go on running this faux system is inexcusable. 

Since the financial institutions of our time have all been compromised, it has fallen upon the shoulders of broad swathes of humanity: from India, to China, to you and I at the Truth HQ, to all reclaim and re-monetize silver ourselves.

No one else will do it for us.  We must do it ourselves.  And we are doing it!

The tide and flow of history will prove far, far too great for you, little crab.

The times, thankfully, are a’changin’.

So, when the trolls come out with “industrial metal!” guns ablazin’, just smile at them.

Where I come from, we have a sayin’ when we encounter folks like them:

“Bless their little ole hearts!”

Silver ref

To Be Continued, in Part 3

Heidi Wastweet