(Silver Knockout, Pt. 2): The Dragon’s Source of Power, Revealed!

The Rise of the Dragon

From the LIBOR Scandal, to silver and gold-market rigging, to currency rigging, if you want to find the culprits behind every scandal, every crime, then look no further than the elite families (like the Rothschilds) who have, within its borders, comfortably run every dastardly con and wicked scheme imaginable. They’ve been able to do so, because here, in his “Square Mile” cave, this corporate/banking Dragon safely rests beyond the reach of parliament in Westminster, and beyond the reach of any governing body in existence.
The head of the Hydra, in this den of dragons, is the Bank of England itself, the darkest force behind the con, behind the rigging, behind the schemes, behind the wars, and ultimately behind the British invasion of 9 out of 10 countries on earth, over its existence.


Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

silver dragon

“The pines were roaring on the height,
The winds were moaning in the night.
The fire was red, it flaming spread;
The trees like torches blazed with light,
The bells were ringing in the dale
And men looked up with faces pale;
The Dragon’s ire more fierce than fire
Laid low their towers and houses frail.”- J.R.R. Tolkien

The Rise of the Dragon

Warriors in our camp routinely say, “gold is money”, and that’s true, but gold is also something else entirely, and the elites know it.  It is this knowledge that spurs them to endlessly barrage the West with anti-gold propaganda, so that they may more easily keep it to themselves.

In order to understand why the BRICS nations are buying larger quantities of gold, instead of silver, we first have to understand their bankster opponents.

Now, I’ll bet you didn’t realize that dragons existed in our world, but they do.

For in the early 1600’s, a dark power started to take shape in the Olde World.  The current HQ of this dark power had existed for centuries, throughout the Middle Ages, but didn’t really take form until the 1600’s.  This is the time period, in which this terrible beast, went from embryonic stage, to full-blown Monster.

Every Dragon, in order for its own self preservation, must have a sanctuary, a safe place where no other force can easily or safely engage him.  Every dragon, must have his cave, and the Western banking Dragon is no different.  For this Western banking power, for centuries, became the Dragon they are, by staking out a sanctuary in this fortified, cancerous enclave, right here:

Pressure 14

In “The City of London”. 

It is, most certainly, a place where a deadly Banking Dragon dwells, a rapacious monster, looter of free nations, and bane of humanity.

The spree of crime committed by the financial powers there(for the last 400 years, in particular), have no match in recorded history(although Wall Street and D.C. have been quickly trying to close the gap).

It is a den of thieves, a nest of vipers.

Watchman, that’s absurd, London is a fantastic place!

No, no, friend.  Not “London, the City”, but “the City of London”, two very different things.

Allow me to explain.

The City of London is a particular patch of land, in the very heart and center of London, and within its incorporated borders, is an entire square mile of corporate and banking institutions.  From the LIBOR Scandal, to silver and gold-market rigging, to currency rigging, if you want to find the culprits behind every scandal, every crime, then look no further than the elite families(like the Rothschilds) who have, within its borders, comfortably run every dastardly con and wicked scheme imaginable. They’ve been able to do so, because here, in his “Square Mile” cave, this corporate/banking Dragon safely rests beyond the reach of parliament in Westminster, and beyond the reach of any governing body in existence.

The head of the Hydra, in this den of dragons, is the Bank of England itself, the darkest force behind the con, behind the rigging, behind the schemes, behind the wars, and ultimately behind the British invasion of 9 out of 10 countries on earth, over its existence.

Incidentally, for those who think the analogy of a dragon is over the top, when speaking of these financial powers, just remember:

I didn’t choose to represent them this way, they’ve chosen it for themselves!  For, if you ever travel to London, and behold “the City”, as I have done, these are what you will see there:

London's Dragon

They are literally in their corporate logo, for heaven’s sake!

Pressure 16

The power and influence which this beast has swayed over nations cannot be understated, nor can the assets which it can immediately call upon. In fact, take a look at this:

Wow, Watchman, it’s the Queen!  Where’s my camera?!

Uh, that’s not the Queen, mon ami!

That is the current “Lord Mayor” of the City of London.  If you think she looks regal there, just get a load of this pimped-out contraption she gets to ride in!

Lord Mayor's role


Yes, once again, that is the Lord Mayor of the City of London, riding in a golden carriage.  This sort of sickening display, where the Dragon’s elite come out, and bid everyone fawn over them, takes place each year, when a new Lord Mayor is chosen. In fact, when the Queen, or any other royalty, visits the Square Mile, they are obliged to bow to (and then walk behind!) “The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London”!  

The point is, even the British peoples themselves, are subjects to the Dragon’s reign.

Many heroic souls in the U.K. have tried to tame this ancient Drake, to reign it in, and bring it to heel: all to no avail.  This monster has all the cash it needs(likely in the many tens of trillions of dollars, in its immediate periphery) to buy off any regulator, pay any “fine”, and make any meddlesome investigations into its activities….just go away.

It is a country unto itself, a “bankers’ Vatican”, if you will.  Ole Lex Luther himself, couldn’t have done any better in its setup, for it is truly a criminal mastermind’s dream come true!

It makes its own rules, it makes its own laws….and it makes its own victims.

Speaking of Victims

As we’ve already discussed, silver is the pressure point knockout for this mighty banking beast, in that silver must be controlled to continue the con of the worldwide, debt-based, fractional-reserve lending system.  The Dragon is powerful, and will go to great lengths to defend this “pressure point” on its body, and it has historically flown from its cave, and crushed anyone who became a threat to it.

Consider India.  For generations the Mughal Dynasty in India, ruled a space from Nepal to Bangladesh, from Delhi, to Pakistan.  It covered many peoples, and at least 4 modern countries, but it was chiefly set in India.

For several centuries, this dynasty built countless complexes, palaces, and temples which left a distinct impression upon India to this very day.  Many of their most recognizable structures were laid in stone during this time, including perhaps the most iconic building of all, the “teardrop on the face of eternity” itself: the Taj Mahal.

It was a vast and rich kingdom, resplendent in cultural and architectural treasures, but it was especially awash in two things the dragon was interested in: opium and silver!

The currency used in India, the rupee, actually derives its name from the Sanskrit word “rupya”, which literally means silver.  Silver was not merely deeply ingrained in the merchant aspect, or the trade routes, but also within the local religious attitudes themselves, and thus the penchant for silver was undeniably powerful. In fact, within broader India, the amount of silver which flowed there over time, was nothing short of ineffable!  Many billions of ounces flowed there from all over the world, in order to satisfy Indian silver demand.

In fact, so much silver flowed there, that it left very little for “the City” to use in the minting of the coinage for its own peoples, which it still grudgingly did.  The Dragon began to take note, and be perplexed by it.  A long term solution was needed, and so, in the year 1600, the great beast took flight, and extended its mighty claws, sending out the newly-createdBritish East India Companyto be its eyes, ears, and talons in Asia.

Very shortly afterward, a trade deal was struck with the Mughal emperor, and over the decades, the banking dragon slowly began to inch itself, more and more, within the inner recesses of India’s lands and trade policies.  By the mid 1700’s, the Company’s force of soldiers there had grown from just several hundred, to over 3,000, and then to tens of thousands, which greatly alarmed the Mughals.  Soon the governing Indian bodies began to understand that the East India Company and the British were acting less like a trading partner, and more like a governing body of the Indian subcontinent.  

Huge pockets of resistance to British East India Company trade(aka Dragon bankster rule), cropped up, but were brutally put down: firstly in Bengal territory in 1757, at theBattles of Plassey and Buxar, and later, in the much largerAnglo-Mysore Wars.

After the Indian subcontinent finally became fully under control of those in “the City”, the bankers turned swathes of India and Burma into plantations for opium production. They chose opium production, due to its highly-addictive, habit-forming nature, which could then be taxed to fund the occupation of the newly-acquired territories.

Pressure 22

But even with complete “British Raj” or control of India, it wasn’t enough to alleviate the Dragon’s need for adequate silver!

For another, even greater power was draining the Dragon of the silver it desperately needed, in order to keep the monetary con(and with it, its military might) going.

The Qing Dynasty of China

For countless centuries, long before the era of Marco Polo, up and until the Dragon set its sights upon the people of China, their nation’s wealth had been the stuff of legend.

Pressure 24

The peoples in China not only had vast borders, a large trade surplus, but also perhaps the largest pile of silver known to man. No one knows just how much silver had flowed to China in the latter Qing dynasty years, but by the time India was occupied, Antal Fekete estimates that they’d become the nesting place for over 9 billion ounces(or nearly 300,000 tonnes!) of silver, which had flowed largely from Western, European countries, in exchange for the goods that China sold them.

Woefully short on silver, the banking beast hatched a plan:

Introduce tobacco, but more importantly, opium and heroin trade into Chinese ports, in the hopes of creating enough drug addicts, to sap the countless silver ounces back out of Chinese lands, and into the Dragon’s coffers!

So that’s precisely what they did!

Very soon, through the port city of Guangdong, the British traders introduced literally thousands of tonnes of opium into the Chinese countryside.  The effect was immediate and tragic.

Countless hosts of people, whether peasant or noble, became irrevocably hooked on the “pusher’s” opium.  In fact, it has been said that by the time the Qing Emperor stepped in to protect his subjects, that 9 in 10 people in the surrounding provinces had become addicts!  All the while, as opium poured in, the currency which the banking beast demanded in exchange, flowed back out: silver!

At last, the Qing Emperor, in a bid to stamp out the drug pushing activity, closed all ports to Western trade.  He installed a capable High Commissioner, Lin Zexu, to enforce this edict, which he most zealously did.

This the banking Dragon would not abide!

Time after time, Commissioner Zexu sent letter after letter to Queen Victoria, appealing to her to stop the opium trade, and received no response.  At last, he penned a final heart-wrenching letter to the Queen, which read as follows:

Let us suppose that foreigners came from another country, and brought opium into England, and seduced the people of your country to smoke it.  Would you not, the sovereign of the said country, look upon such a procedure with anger?, and in your just indignation endeavor to get rid of it? Now we have always heard that your Highness possesses a most kind and benevolent heart. Surely then you are incapable of doing or causing to be done to another that which you should not wish another to do unto you.

Ouch.  A most wise letter, powerfully appealing to the Christian monarch’s awareness of one of Christ’s greatest and simplest summaries of the law: The Golden Rule.

Yet, the Dragon would have none of it!

Sadly, Mr. Zexu might as well have been speaking “Martian” to the City of London, for the only Golden Rule that the banking Drake has ever given counsel to is this:

“We have the gold, so we will rule you!”

“The City” declared war on China, not once, but twice, in what has come to be called the Opium Wars.  The Dragon was victorious, prosperous China was laid low and humiliated.  Its last imperial legacy, the Qing dynasty, was eventually dethroned(only to be later replaced by Communist rule), many prized territories(such as Hong Kong) were seized.  Its silver and wealth……drained away.

Even its beautiful summer palace near Beijing was sacked and destroyed by the allied forces of France and Great Britain, in retaliation for the seizure and killing of their envoy.  It took 3,500 British soldiers 3 days to burn it down.

Two great powers, their coffers bursting with silver, were plundered and pillaged by the bankster dragon.  Only this very day, are they once again, beginning to experience a taste of the glory that was once theirs.

Conclusion: The Dragon’s True Source of Power

Watchman, that’s all very interesting, but you still haven’t told us the Dragon’s source of power!

I’m getting to that, friend.

Despite being immensely powerful dynasties, which were flush with nearly all the silver upon this earth, both mighty Mughal India, and Qing Chinese dynasties, fell before the banking Drake’s onslaught.

Once their epic, multi-billion-ounce, silver-stacking-assault became a deadly threat to the Dragon’s pressure point, the beast, flush with power, unleashed its fiery breath, and spread its terrifying, winged shadow across all of Asia, creating hundreds of millions of slaves in its wake.

“The City” launched fleets and fleets of warships, legions of soldiers, and ultimately overcame India, following up by becoming the Chinese Qing dynasty’s drug dealer dujour!

So, here’s something I want everyone in this community to ponder with me:


How was the Banking Dragon able to so handily conquer two of the largest, wealthiest(in silver), and most highly-populated countries on this globe, despite having comparatively little silver to speak of?

Watchman, that’s easy, they had the money power through the Bank of England!

Yes, but from whence did that money power come? Remember, they had precious little silver, and yet were seemingly invincible.

So, how was it possible?

Watchman, are you saying that silver does no good against the banking Dragon?

No, I’m not saying that whatsoever.  Remember again, silver is the Dragon’s nerve ending, his pressure point, which if activated, can bring the colossal beast to the end of its life.

I’m asking you to consider: where did the Dragon’s Power come from to act across the globe with such impunity, if it had no silver to speak of?

Here’s what I’m saying: while silver has always been the City’s/Dragon’s vulnerable spot…..

The true source of the Dragon’s power, was, is, and always has been…


Its adamantine fangs are carved from it!

Its scaly mesh is struck from it!

Its bloody talons are dipped in it!

Gold is all at once, the banking Wyvern’s charmed, amulet of power, and its mighty weapon of war!

Gold is power.  Commanding “all the gold”, means commanding the wills of the nations, and the hosts and minions necessary to subjugate them.

No strategy to resist, or even bring down, this incomparable beast can ultimately succeed, if the dragon is left with his gold!  

And as the world knows, the Dragon MUST be brought down!

For this maniacal monster roams the earth, seeking those whom it may devour.  It comes looking for you, even if you want no part of it. The Dragon cannot simply be “left alone”, because the Dragon refuses to leave others alone.

The great Drake must be slain and laid low!

Since the banking Dragon also resides safe in its cave in “the City”, historically sleeping atop a monstrous mountain of gold(which has totaled at least many thousands of tonnes, but may have perhaps reached tens of thousands of tonnes)…assaulting the beast directly in its lair, or upon its pressure point is suicide for any sovereign to do.

The Beast cannot and must not be engaged, for this terror cannot be beaten at the zenith of his power.

For the sake of free peoples everywhere, the Dragon must be stopped!  

But how?

Pressure 23

Continued, in Part 3