Silver is the Pressure Point Knockout!

Silver must be controlled, because silver is the fiat ponzi’s ultimate “pressure point cluster”!
Silver is the “cluster of nerves”, the deadly, 5 pressure-point knockout…from which there is no recovery.
If someone hits the physical silver market in just the right way, from the right angle, it can deliver a lethal blow to malevolent financial powers around the world, like a magnificent lightning bolt.
Silver MUST be controlled.  



Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

silver fight

A  Perplexing  Question

“Remember: that giants sleep too soundly; that witches are often betrayed by their appetites;dragons have one soft spot, somewhere, always…” – Neil Gaiman

There is an enormous struggle going on right now, that the bards and historians will tell of for generations.  This struggle is between the Western banking cabal, and those of the East who wish to be free to live their own lives in peace.  Most of the shield brothers here, know this very well.  The Eastern Bloc, more commonly now known as the BRICS countries, are taking deliveries of thousands of tonnes of gold from the Western Bankers, in a process that is reaching a climactic crescendo even as we speak!

Yet, there is a sticking point.  There’s a perplexing question that many shield brothers are asking lately(and which many of you may have wondered about as well).

That question is this:

“Watchman, why the heck are the BRICS buying up so much gold?  If they wanted to end this fight with western bankers, why don’t they just buy all the silver with their lunch money, and be done with it?”

That’s a truly excellent question, and I do have some thoughts on that.  Let me attempt to explain it this way, in the following series.

The True Meaning of the Kata

First off, we’ve all heard the phrase: “silver is the achilles heel of the bankers”, and that’s true, but today I hope to offer an even more vivid picture of the threat that silver represents to them.

When I was young, I was honored to be introduced to a very old, and passed over, form of martial arts.  In our time, the term “Ryukyu Kempo”, has become a rather generic way to refer to most forms of karate, but most of these techniques being practiced now, are a watered-down version of the ancient forms, which the old masters produced in the  Ryukyu Islands.  True Ryukyu Kempo(which was abandoned roughly a century ago in the Japanese schooling system) was quite different from the various forms of karate being taught throughout most martial arts schools today.

This olden Ryukyu Kempo fighting system I was introduced to was unique, it was special.

What made it different was that it wasn’t merely about memorizing the “Kata”, the sequences of striking and grappling techniques, that you see many black belts use today.  In fact, for those not knowing what to look for, if you were to watch the movements of those practicing this nuance of karate, you’d think the movements are almost identical to the ones that everyone else is doing.

The thing which made this form of fighting completely different though, was that it focused on what these movements, these Kata, were originally intended for, and fleshed out  their hidden meanings.

You see, the old, by-gone masters in the Ryukyu islands, discovered something very interesting about the human body, which they incorporated into their fighting techniques:  the human body is laden with various “pressure points”, in very key places.

What are pressure points?  Pressure points are highly specific areas where manipulative stimuli or pain can be entered directly into a nerve ending!

PP 1

Over many centuries, the old masters not only discovered these pressure points, but found that each one on the body is different, and produces different results,  but only if attacked from an unbelievably unique angle in order to “activate” it.

Just think of your “funny bone”. Think of how you can’t strike your “funny bone” at will, even though you generally know where it is. Why is that?  It’s because it must be hit from a very specific angle, in such a way as to activate the nerve endings which produce that unforgettable feeling!

One angle might work very well for one point on the body, while another pressure point would need a totally different angle or approach, in order to produce the particular response it would yield.

Once they discovered these pressure points, they would seek to invent a successful technique, to routinely stimulate these very debilitating areas, using minimal movements.  These techniques, if successful, were passed down as Kata, and  were intended to transmit and communicate these incredibly powerful stimuli directly into the central nervous system of an attacker !

This art of locating pressure points, and activating them, is such a tricky thing,  that some old masters of the craft would spend more than 10 years, simply learning one, single Kata!   As a result, the true masters only knew a few of them (which was more than enough).

In our time, we see many people who basically know the “Kata” movements, but don’t know their actual meaning and intent.

Their bodies are fluently speaking a language, whose words’ original meanings have been long forgotten.

Ryukyu Kempo is not about force, it’s not even about direct  assaults.  Rather, it is about ending a confrontation quickly, with minimal(or even zero) fighting.   There are techniques that are designed to subdue, but most of them focus on instantly incapacitating the assailant through broken limbs, and unconsciousness through these pressure points.

If you’re curious to see how it looks in action, here is footage of an actual pressure point knockout. I can I assure you, brothers, this isn’t fake,  but a deadly reality.

Submitted by Joe Russo, EWT: 

Some people witness this, and the first thing they can think to say is:  that’s fake!  They say this, because deep down, they are so unnerved watching it happen, that they simply reject the thought of it being possible.

I tell you truly,  I’ve witnessed a human being rendered unconscious due to someone simply rolling an arm across several of his pressure points.   Just by rolling an arm!  I was stunned! I remember, even as a young boy, soberly considering what I’d just witnessed.  It made a profound impact upon me, that I’ve carried with me for years.  It is a strangely troubling(yet comforting) thing, to know both how strong and how vulnerable, the human body really is.

Some key pressure points can be used or stimulated to revive someone.  Those who practice this art form have to be exceedingly sagacious, because these techniques aren’t simply capable of producing an easy, effective “knock-out”: they’re also capable of quickly producing a lethal reaction, if certain “clusters of nerves” are hit at once.  These are called “5 Point Knockouts”.

The most amazing thing of all, is that this can all be done with the force of a 7 year old child. Pressure points are truly the great equalizer in hand to hand combat.

The more I think about it, I’m glad that only a few people in our time know the real meaning behind these Katas, and the intent behind them.   It is a body language so deadly, that   very few in our world have the discernment and restraint needed, to “speak” it with wisdom.

Big deal, Watchman!  So it’s possible to knock someone out by touching them!  What on earth does this have to do with silver?

Oh, my friend…

It has everything to do with silver!

The Financial Pressure Point

We’ve already seen how indispensable it is to be able to manipulate the prices of silver or gold, if one is to uphold a debt-backed, fiat monetary system.  You simply cannot have such a system, while gold and silver are freely traded.  It doesn’t work.

It is a fact, which Bloomberg news has now admitted, that the annual dollar figure for the amount of “silver” traded in the silver market is over $5 trillion dollars!  Annually!

This means that central and bullion banks use nearly half a trillion per month to control silver!

This means that central and bullion banks have(so far) already spent over $50 billion, this week alone, to control silver!

Put another way: this means that by the time the sun sets today, more money will have been spent “trading silver”(ie controlling its price), than was made from mining all of the real silver throughout the entirety of 2014.

And to think: all this will be done to a tiny market, which at $17 per ounce(times 2.2 million ounces mined per day),roughly equals $34 million dollars a day.

It is truly “Twilight Zone” stuff!

All the silver mined or recycled last year, equaled roughly $20 billion dollars(or 1/40th of Apple Computer’s market cap).  So, how in the world does a $20 billion dollar market involve trading volumes of over $5 trillion dollars, annually?

I’ll tell you how:

New York and London exchanges, which are used to price silver and gold, are gamed by the large bullion banks(Scotia Mocatta, Citi, JP Morgan, BOA, etc), whose algorithms can sell(or buy) 10 million, 100 million, or 10 billion ounces worth of silver contracts, in nanoseconds.  Every ounce of silver in their vaults is sold back and forth between computers, sometimes as many as hundreds of times per day!

When you’re talking fraud that serious, after awhile the dollars spent for that kind of criminality really add up!  Yet they have no other choice!

Silver is the “cluster of nerves”, the deadly, 5 pressure-point knockout…from which there is no recovery.

If they lose control of silver’s price, it can up-end the entire commodity complex, even though it’s not even a commodity!

If they lose control of silver’s price, it can tear a gaping hole through the financial “hot-air balloon” known as “perceived U.S. dollar strength”, and by extension, all other currencies linked to it!

If they lose control of silver, inflation expectations are suddenly changed, and sovereign bond yields can go utterly wonky, bankrupting entire nations, and leading ultimately to the end of this entire worldwide financial ponzi scheme!

If they lose control of silver, then huge financial institutions, such as Bear Stearns,(who was massively short silver before they went under) can be mortally wounded!

Silver must be controlled, because silver is the fiat ponzi’s ultimate “pressure point cluster”!

If someone hits the physical silver market in just the right way, from the right angle, it can deliver a lethal blow to malevolent financial powers around the world, like a magnificent lightning bolt.

Silver must be controlled.  

There is no “Plan B” for these people, they have to guard their weak spot,  at literally any cost, and they all know it.

An Improper Angle

Well, Watchman, if silver can truly bring down the globalist bankers, then why did the Hunt brothers fail in their assault upon silver in 1980?

Excellent question!  The London and New York City banking masters were truly put in a dangerous situation by just two brothers, who stumbled upon this vulnerable pressure point of the financial system, quite by accident!

The Hunt brothers(who were made an example of, by these financial vampires, who barely escaped with their system intact) had the right idea.  They knew that silver was the “poor man’s gold”, they knew the world situation was becoming increasingly tumultuous, and they knew silver was the life boat their family fortune needed to weather the storm.

The problem was their angle of attack!  Remember, I said above: a pressure point isn’t activated unless it is struck from an unbelievably precise angle, like your funny bone.

The Hunts’ angle of attack was totally askew.  Though they’d originally started buying physical silver, and using their “Circle K Ranch” boys to haul it around,  they eventually decided they wanted more leverage than what the metal alone gave to them.

That’s when they made their mistake:

They abandoned the proper angle of physical silver as their attack point, and opted for Comex “paper silver” contracts instead.  Furthermore, they began relying upon the Comex as the source for acquiring the physical metal they wanted, instead of going through other avenues who actually had a vested interest in making sure that they got the metal they wanted!

Now they were playing the enemy’s dangerous game, the enemy’s way!

You can’t bedevil the Devil.  You can’t outmatch the casino in their own house.

The House always wins, especially when they can change all the rules, mid game!

As we know, the Comex did change the rules: firstly, they barred any trader from holding over 3 million ounces in long contracts, then they dealt the crippling blow: they went from allowing buying and selling of silver contracts, to allowing “liquidation only”.  

That was the tell.  That was the ultimate sign of desperation: when the bankers don’t even allow an “exchange” to both buy and sell, but only to sell, they’ve given up any pretense of being “disinterested spectators”.  On that day, the banking powers telegraphed to the whole world that there is indeed an outcome they are not only hoping for, but actively  working to achieve:

A dramatically lower silver price.  

As a result of their actions, the price of a Comex-deliverable silver ounce plummeted, ultimately taking the Hunt brothers with them, as the swelling tide of margin calls on their Comex longs, simply overwhelmed them.

Conclusion: Your Opponent Makes the Difference

Ok, Watchman, I get it, silver is the “pressure point cluster”, and you have to attack it from a physical angle, that is outside their exchanges.  You still haven’t answered the most important question of all: why are the BRICS nations buying thousands of tonnes of gold, instead of just buying up all the silver and leaving gold alone? Why bother with gold at all, why not just end this whole thing right now?

Brothers, the answer is:

Because these very same nations have tried that exact attack plan before(taking all the silver, and leaving gold alone).  

They’ve tried it several times, and it didn’t work!

I believe those attacks, while focused on the right pressure point, chiefly failed  because of what their opponent is.

Watchman, I don’t get what you’re saying, how can your opponent make the difference in your actual attack approach?

This is what I’m saying.  If this is your opponent:

PP 2

Then a direct assault for his pressure points may be the winning play.   

But….what if your opponent is this?

PP 4

How do you even get close enough to such an opponent, to activate his pressure point,  and live to tell the tale?

The truth is, you can know this thing’s anatomy, and its central nervous system’s pressure points backwards and forwards, but if you can’t get even close enough to it to activate them, what good is such knowledge?  

You will be incinerated the very moment you start becoming a threat to it.

That’s precisely what happened to the unfortunate nations in the past, who tried a direct assault upon this Banking Dragon’s pressure points, as we shall soon see!

To be Continued, in Part 2


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