Silver Demand “Unprecedented”: Let’s Finish Today’s Surge Strong!

finishAccording to dealers and wholesalers, the silver demand generated today via the co-ordinated May 1st Buy Silver Campaign is completely unprecedented- with sales even surpassing those placed 2 Monday’s ago as silver was slammed to $22!
It’s time to step on the bullion banksters’ necks, and FINISH TODAY STRONG!!



Let’s finish strong today! Five suggestions that might help with ‘the process”


1. Buy some silver (duh). This might be just one coin you purchase for “symbolic” reasons. Give this coin to your grandchild or maybe as a graduation gift to the nice young man who lives next store. Or, if you can, buy five “Monster” boxes and go ahead and fill up your safe!

2. Talk up the effort. Maybe even link to my columns on the topic at (and and “like” them on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Consider making some comments on popular websites and media sites. Big ones that reach a lot of potential buyers include Zero Hedge, Daily Paul, Townhall, your local or state paper, other silver and precious metals sites, etc.

4. Maybe e-mail some media “content managers” and respectfully request that they give this effort some coverage. Might point out to them that there is currently an eye-opening run going on in the planet on “physical” silver – this while the paper price is plummeting. “What’s up with that?” you might ask.

5. Pat yourself on the back for at least trying to make a statement – a protest really – about the crazy economic policies that threaten our quality of life. One message is that silver IS a “safe haven” asset in such a world and, if nothing else, a “insurance policy” in case an epic economic crisis occurs.

One more suggestion: If one of our goals is to recruit new buyers to the market – or at least get more people to do their own “independent studies” on precious metals – it’s probably best to employ a civil, respectful tone in your outreach efforts. That is, don’t turn anybody off or reinforce negative stereotypes that might exist about “silver bugs” or “gold bugs.”

For my part I’m saying things like:

“Hey, everyone, you might not know but today is “Buy Silver”Day. Scary times might be ahead and buying silver could be something that protects you and your family during possible times of hardship. If you are interested in this topic, there are a couple of good articles on” Or:

“You might not have ever bought silver for yourself or your children, but I bet many of your grandparents did. They did this for a reason. Some of those reasons are listed in these articles on”

As I write this column Wednesday morning, I notice that the price of silver is – again – falling off a cliff. People, we’ve been given a gift. Silver is on sale on the day we go to town to buy!

We might also want to send a thank-you note to the futures traders who have allowed us to “buy low” today.

Finally, if the effort doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference in markets and fails to generate any new headlines, don’t despair.

This, after all, is a “process.” It will take time to raise awareness among the masses. All we can do is all we can do.

This said, here’s hoping we finish strong today!

Note: Bill Rice, Jr. is managing editor of The Montgomery (AL) Independent. He can be reached at [email protected]