Should We Still Expect Gold & Silver To Rally Into The End Of 2019?

Gold & silver have been consolidating for the past couple of months. What’s the outlook going into the end of the year?

David Hunter interviewed on Palisade Radio

David feels that he is one of the more bullish analysts on the street for gold. Gold reached $1560 this year and is nearly finished a consolidation phase. A further rally could happen soon, and he has raised his targets for gold to $1800 and $26 for silver. We will continue into uncharted territory with the Fed’s expanding balance sheet. This additional money is a net positive for the markets, and this melt-up could continue into next year.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Gold and silver outlook.
2:30 – Fed and the Repo market.
6:10 – Charting and analysis.
8:00 – Weakness in copper and the economy.
9:20 – Bullish on stock markets.
11:35 – Treasuries and Fed rates.