Shadow of Truth: Colorado Jade Helm Encounters And More On Silver

jade helmStealth bombers have now been spotted in Jade Helm exercises…


Why is it necessary that I wake up and I’ve got military helicopters flying through my neighborhood? Are these guys [the Government] going to turn on us?  Seriously. – Rory Hall, Shadow of Truth

Very little has been mentioned in the alternative media, truth-seeking blogosphere about Jade Helm since the military operation began formally on July 15.  Colorado is one of the six “combat” States.  Although I don’t bother to spend much time following local news – which caters to an audience that has cat food for brains – I have not noticed any media coverage of the military exercises.

Comment from “Chris” in Denver:   Heaven help us, we live in bizarroland. About 6 months ago I saw that train that was hauling hundreds of MRAPs (armored vehicles) down the railroad track along Sante Fe in Littleton. I knew then they weren’t even trying to hide what’s coming anymore. 

However just in the last week on three separate days I spotted a stealth bomber, an aerial exercise being conducted by 4 or 5 military helicopters and a military personnel transport helicopter.

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.  – Ben Franklin

Recall that one objective of the operation for the military to practice “assimilating” into the surrounding civilian environment without being noticed as much as possible.  It’s really nothing more than an invasion of citizens’ personal rights and privacy.  I’m not sure many really care, however.