Sentencing Delayed (Again) For JP Morgan Trader Who Pleaded Guilty To Manipulating Gold & Silver

The guilty plea came over six months ago, and now sentencing has been delayed, again, for SIX MORE MONTHS! Here’s more…

CNBC is reporting that sentencing has been delayed once again for John Edmonds (bold added for emphasis):

  • John Edmonds pleaded guilty in October to working with other “unnamed co-conspirators” to manipulate the prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures contracts between 2009 and 2015 while employed at J.P. Morgan.

  • His sentencing has been postponed twice, suggesting he is continuing to cooperate with prosecutors in their investigation. No one else has been charged.

  • Federal investigators continue to probe possible manipulation of metals markets.

The criminal sentencing of former J.P. Morgan Chase precious metals trader John Edmonds has been postponed six more months, to December, as federal investigators continue to probe possible manipulation of metals markets.

Um, MSM propagandists, we know you can never, ever will say anything good about gold, and when forced to write about gold, there must always be negativity written within it, but in hopes that people will eventually “get it”, about that “possible manipulation”, well, this (from the United States Treasury Department):

The ESF [Exchange Stabilization Fund]…may deal in gold, foreign exchange, and other instruments of credit and securities.

It is more than just possible, for it is a matter of (Unconstitutional) standard practice which takes place in all markets, all of the time, and especially the gold & silver markets.

Finally, from the same CNBC article:

J.P. Morgan for the first time in February mentioned the legal actions in a financial disclosure, saying “various authorities, including the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, are conducting investigations relating to trading practices in the precious metals markets and related conduct. The Firm is responding to and cooperating with these investigations.

Sure they are…