SD Contest: The Bad Bankster Perp Pool

blankfeinserioushandcuffsSD regulars AGXIIK & undeRGRound are sponsoring a SilverDoctors original contest:
The Bad Bankster Perp Pool

How many banksters will do a Perp Walk over the next 3 months?

Submit your guesses below…3 PHYZZ prizes are on the line!!

Let’s have a little summer fun.   With all the gloom and doom going on, let’s see how many bankers get hauled off in irons in the next 3 months.   14 bankers went to meet their maker in the last 3 months.  Let’s see how many get the message in the next 3 months, preferring jail time to the alternatives.  

3 prizes:

The 3 correct guesses will each win one of the following:

1 ounce Silver Buffalo Round  
1 ounce Day of Resistance Round
1 ounce BU  D-Day Medallion
One prize will be awarded per correct guess
If there’s more than 1 correct guess they the first person to make the correct guess is the winner.
Those are time stamped according to Eastern Standard Time
The 3 categories are:
1.  Most bankers arrested  world wide between June 1 and August 31 2014
2.  Most bankers from any one country between June 1 and August 31, 2014
3.  The highest ranking banker arrested from June 1 and August 31, 2014

All decisions are final!

Post your predictions in the comment field below. 
Good luck to all the SD Irregulars!

Judges include AGXIIK and undeRGRound.