RARE Interview: SD Bullion CEO Inside the Precious Metals Industry

Watch as YouTube Silver Stacking Community Drills SD Bullion Execs with Questions on How To Run a Major Gold & Silver Bullion Business

This past Friday – January 18, 2019 at 6PM eastern, two senior staff members of SD Bullion sat down with the Salivate Metals youtube channel community to answer questions about the SD Bullion company and almost all things gold bullion and silver bullion related.

Included in this far-ranging discussion is how this all started? Included too, some ‘behind the scenes’ thinking inside the precious metals industry.


SD Bullion’s CEO Tyler Wall + James Anderson w/ Salivate Metals Community

This past Friday, January 19, 2018 both Tyler Wall (President & CEO of SD Bullion) and James Anderson (manager of content on SD Bullion) were interviewed by the Salivate Metals Youtube channel.

Major topics and questions covered include the following items to start:

– SD Bullion founding and SD Bullion company background (@2:22)

– Biggest growing pains for SD Bullion since 2012? (@7:28)

– How did you get interested in physical precious metals and bullion? (@11:25)

– Back ground on the recent SD Bullion’s new shipping policy change from flat $7.77 shipping to orders of over $99 USD now getting Free Shipping in the domestic USA (@14:35)

– New SD Bullion eCheck payment option now available for established customers (@16:30)

– Where do you see SD Bullion going in the decade to come? (@19:45)

– Are there any favorite bullion products you have yourselves? (@20:49 & @1:45:35)

– Is Gold or Silver the better buy right now in your opinion? (@30:15)

– Who was the brunette in the now retired SD Bullion YouTube adverts? (@31:50)

– What are the International Shipping options with SD Bullion? (@33:40)

– Does Silver Doctors have any criteria for articles posted? (@1:30:00) Ask Paul Half Dollar that question.

For the full list of interview topics and questions in this near 2 hour long discussion, simply visit the SD Bullion blog for full show notes and topic timestamps.