Sandy Brings Shocking Devastation as 6 Million Without Power, NY Subway System Closed Indefinitely

At least 7 of NYC’s subways are flooded and underwater in the aftermath of Sandy.   The New York Transit System this morning labeled Sandy ‘the most devastating event to the city’s subway system ever‘.

Officials have given no timetable for the subways to be pumped out.

At least 6 million are without power, and Con Edison officials have called the power failures “the largest storm related outage in our history.

The NYTimes reports there is no current time-table for the subways to be pumped out:

Seven subway tunnels under the East River flooded, according to Joseph J. Lhota, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman. A spokesman said it was unclear how long it would take to pump them out. The Long Island Rail Road erected a water dam at its West Side Yards to keep Penn Station and East River tunnels dry, but one tunnel had flooding, Mr. Lhota said. Metro North lost power on two of its lines north of 59th Street.


It could be at least a week before power is fully restored (we think this is an optimistic estimate):


More than six million customers lost power Monday as Hurricane Sandy felled trees, downed power lines and flooded substations. The storm led to power failures in at least 17 states, including more than a million customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and about 660,000 in New York City. Roughly a quarter million customers lost power in Manhattan alone after a fiery explosion at a substation on East 14th Street, leaving nearly the entire island eerily dark south of 34th Street. Con Edison officials called the power failures “the largest storm related outage in our history.” Officials said they expected to be able to restore electricity to much of Manhattan before the night was over but that it could be a week before all service was restored.


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Footage of the subway flooding: