Ronnie Stoeferle: Gold Goes To $1600 Pretty Quickly Once This Happens

The trend traders are coming back into gold & silver, and it’s starting to get really interesting, especially once this happens. Ronnie explains…

Ronnie Stoeferle interviewed by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

Why we may soon see prices of $1,500-1,600/oz

Fresh from releasing his exhaustive 340-page annual report titled In Gold We Trust, Ronald Stoerferle joins us to summarize his forecast for the yellow metal.

Stoerferle, an author of several books on Austrian economics and head of strategy and portfolio management at Incrementum AG, concludes that gold is poised to move explosively higher. He sees a new bull market beginning for the precious metal — one likely to quickly build momentum as the impending recession arrives and the world’s central banks revert to extreme easing policy measures.

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