We Are Still At The Beginning Of A Big Bull Market For Gold

Sentiment for gold remains negative despite price reaching all-time highs in 50 currencies. This indicates we’re still at the start of the bull market…

from Palisade Radio with Ronnie Stoeferle

Ronald looks back at gold’s performance during 2019 and discusses how it operates as a seventh sense in the market. Gold is revealing issues and projecting an increase in recessionary and inflationary concerns. Both of these topics are quickly becoming contrarian perspectives as the Economist magazine recently noted in their Special Report that “We have reached the end of inflation.” Sentiment for gold remains negative despite gold reaching all-time highs against fifty currencies. All of this is indicating that we are still at the start of the bull market.

Time Stamp References
0:40 – 2019 Market Highlights
4:23 – The Fed and the likelihood of a recession.
9:40 – Junior miners and public participation.
13:45 – Successes with Incrementums fund.
16:30 – Favorite books and authors.
18:50 – His expectations for 2020.