Ron Paul: Gold’s Decline is a Simple Bull Correction, US Dollar Has Declined for 100 Years!

Ron PaulBloomberg’s Market Makers interviewed Ron Paul Tuesday, with Paul discussing last week’s epic gold smash. With the Bloomberg duo attempting to goad Paul into admitting gold is not a safe asset due to the recent price volatility, the former Texas Congressman stated that he’s not concerned about the recent gold slump, he’s worried about the 100 year slump in the US dollar!  Paul points out that PHYSICAL gold demand has gone through the roof, and states for true believers the recent gold dip is an excellent buying opportunity, and that he personally bought gold last week.
Paul also discusses Bitcoin (not a fan…I’m not interested in something I can’t put in my pocket), Central bankers, the Treasury Bubble and its coming US collapse, and the future of the Republican party.
Paul’s full MUST WATCH interview is below:

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