Ron Paul: Both Romney & Obama Are Owned by Goldman Sachs

The former presidential candidate told CNBC Wednesday that he still won’t back Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the GOLDMAN SACHS CANDIDATES!

Paul told CNBC: The people who run the Federal Reserve make sure their interests are protected.  They have their two guys there, believe me!  Why does Obama not attack Romney for being a Goldman Sachs candidate?   It’s because they both are within the establishment!  Neither one of them have the vaguest idea of what Austrian economics and sound money economics is all about.   They play the game and they represent the one-party system.
Some people say why don’t we get a 3rd part?  I say, why don’t we get a 2nd party!?!  I’ve been in this business for a long time, and there is essentially NO DIFFERENCE FROM ONE ADMINISTRATION TO ANOTHER NO MATTER WHAT THE PLATFORM!!