Robin Griffiths: We’re Within Days of the Correct Moment to Buy Silver

Robin Griffiths of Cazenove Capital today stated that the lows for silver’s current correction are in and that we are “within days of the correct moment to be buying back into silver again
Griffiths took a slightly different stance with gold, believing that gold could continue to correct down to $1400 (currently gold’s 200 DMA) before the next big uptrend begins.

We have been strongly advising readers to continue adding to physical silver positions here and now, as silver may never see the $28-$30 level many are holding out for. 
Again, accumulate silver PROFESSIONALLY by adding to physical positions during dips- rather than holding out hoping for a bigger dip that may never materialize.  If silver corrects further in the future, buy into the new dip with even large physical purchases.
Click here for Robin Griffiths’ entire interview from KWN: