Rob Kirby: There Is A Reason Russia And Others Are Dumping U.S. Bonds But Yields Aren’t Spiking

Rob gives a timely update on the recent price suppression of gold & silver and the propping-up of the U.S. Bond market. Here’s the details…

Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

From ReluctantPreppers: Recent official reports reveal Russia has sold off 50% of their US Treasury holdings​, which normally should push interest rates higher. But the world’s attention is now shifting to the escalating tariff and trade war between Trump & China: Will the Chinese retaliate with massive dumping of US Treasuries? The sheer scale and volume of China’s potential glut of US Treasuries could makes Russia’s recent action pale in comparison. Is China poised to trigger a major credit and derivative crisis?

Proprietary financial analyst Rob Kirby joins Reluctant Preppers to offer his experienced views on what scenario we will most likely see unfold. Kirby also fields a number of questions submitted by viewers just for this interview! Don’t miss it!