Rob Kirby: There Has NEVER Been As Much Repression & Suppression In Gold As There Is RIGHT NOW

Rob drops some serious truth bombs about the current market rigging, including a very interesting one in calling out Jim Rickards. Here’s the details…

Editor’s Note: When answering the “is gold money” question as it pertains to “is gold relevant today”, Rob has a very powerful answer which explains it probably better than it has been explained before. Be sure to be able to dedicate a certain level of mental concentration to this interview, because it hits hard and it hits fast with very valuable insight, or at least listen to the interview more than once.


Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

​Renowned proprietary analyst Rob Kirby returns to Reluctant Preppers to field your viewer questions!

Kirby updates us on Trump’s unfolding impacts on our domestic and global financial standing, what’s next for the stock market and its deep support forces, how precarious (or not) the global banking edifice is at this time, and what lies in store for gold vs. what we’ve been taught to call “money.” Quintessential Rob Kirby wit and wisdom – not to be missed!