Rob Kirby: The US Dollar WILL Hyperinflate (And The Currency Has Already Been Printed)

Rob says stupid amounts of money are being spent to buy as much physical gold & silver as possible to prepare for the coming hyperinflation. Here’s more…


Editor’s Note: The question that is often asked is “when will this happen”. While nobody knows exactly when, Rob re-affirms the impossibility of knowing exactly when, but Rob says that when all of the dollars that have already been printed, that is, the dark money sloshing around the system, in the tens of trillions, start coming back into the US, things will really get out of hand as people rush to buy anything not nailed down, and even things that are nailed down. Coming full circle to my hyperinflation in Mexico has already begun theory, this makes total sense now – the Mexican peso hyper-inflates first, so that mad amounts of dollars are sent out of the US to help fight the hyperinflation South of the border. This means that as the US dollar fiat currency starts flowing into the US, some dollars will have already flowed out and will continue to flow out. You can think of it as the overfill prevention drain in a bathroom sink, however, while the dollars leaving the US may slow the flood, the strategy is futile, and this only buys the deep state and globalists a little extra time. If you have not already, carve out the time to read the article  HYPERINFLATION WARNING: US & Mexico Actively Preparing For The Hyperinflation In Mexico


Rob Kirby interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby is a broker of physical precious metals by the ton for wealthy clients, and he says people are quietly panicking. Kirby explains, “If you look at a duck moving across the water, it looks very graceful. But if you take a picture of what’s going on underneath the waterline, you see the duck paddling seriously. In the precious metals space, what we see above the waterline is the reckless suppression of physical precious metals . . . but what’s really going on beneath the waterline is mega, mega money is on a ‘seek and acquire’ mission to secure physical precious metals in amounts that would stagger most people. . . . There will come a point where physical precious metals will be hard, if not impossible, to find in exchange for fiat currency. . . .The amount of money seeking physical precious metals would alarm a lot of people. You are talking stupid amounts of money.”

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