Rob Kirby: The Day Is Coming When You Will Not Be Able To Buy 1 Ounce Of Gold For Fiat Currency

Rob says that very, very dark days aren’t just coming, they are already here. Here’s an important update on the state of the global economy…

Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

When official government economic indicators are bogus, independent voices are being expunged from media, political leaders deny the obvious with straight faces, and blatant wrongdoing goes unspoken and unpunished, are we doomed to surrender ourselves to living shadow lives in an unreal world?

Rob Kirby, proprietary analyst and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to vigorously declare that we can determine our own future, reject the facades of falsehood constantly being propped up around us, and make solid choices based on real truth.

Kirby answers YOUR viewer questions, and weighs in on whether Canada has true sovereignty or is subject to the US & Euro zone. He also advises whether we each have sovereignty in our own lives.

Kirby at his finest!